Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

Andriessen, Louis - La Passion for female jazz voice, violin and small orchestra (text by Dino Campana) (2000-02)
Arkushiba, Anna - `2` for accordion and piano (2012)
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - Aspan
Belodubrovsky, Mark - In Memoriam for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Denisov, Edison - Chamber Symphony No. 2 (1994)
Denisov, Edison - La Vie en Rouge
Dorokhov, Georgy - Adagio molto
Dorokhov, Georgy - Intermezzo-I (2009)
Dorokhov, Georgy - Particules elementaires
Filanovsky, Boris - We Cannot Play That, for five instruments (2006)
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Pastoral, version for chamber ensemble (1992)
Kasparov, Yuri - Seven Illusory Impressions of Memory, for the 16 performers
Khrust, Nikolay - Mikrosonet (2012) for soprano, ensemble and electronics (CLXXI sonnet by Petrarch)
Kobzar, Alisa - Gardens of the birds, unfinished songs
Lehenkyi, Illarion - Mysterious Light, Piano Quintet
Mosolov, Alexander - 4 newspaper announcements for voice and piano
Mosolov, Alexander - Concerto for cello and orchestra 2 (1937-1945)
Mosolov, Alexander - String Quartet 2 `On Patriotic Themes Of 1812`
Mosolov, Alexander - Three children"s scenes for soprano and chamber ensemble
Poleukhina, Marina - Tregadum (2011)
Safronov, Anton - Papageno (Last Temptation) 2006/09
Schnittke, Alfred - Dialogue for Cello and Seven Instruments (1965) op. 37
Schnittke, Alfred - Hymn I for cello, harp and timpani (1974) op. 96
Schnittke, Alfred - Hymn II for cello and double bass (1974) op. 97
Schnittke, Alfred - Hymn III for cello, bassoon, harpsichord and bells (1974) op. 98
Schnittke, Alfred - Hymn IV for cello, bassoon, double bass, harpsichord, harp, timpani and bells (1974-79) op.134
Schnittke, Alfred - Little Tragedies.The music for the film (1980) op.153
Schnittke, Alfred - Serenade for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano and percussion (1968)
Shmurak, Alexey - Return, for piano, electronic records and an ensemble of nine performers (2012)
Shoot, Vladislav - `Warum` for 15 performers (1986)
Stefanou-Stoianova, Albina - A- trills for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Terterian, Avet - String Quartet No. 1 in C dur, 1964
Umansky, Kirill - Imperativo-non imperativo, concerto for 15 performers (2000)
Umansky, Kirill - `Mirage` (2004) for flute, vibraphone, violin, cello and piano
Zapf, Helmut - `Albedo VIII` for flute, violin, cello and piano
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