Anton Arensky

ANTON ARENSKY (1861–1906)

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Twelve Preludes for Piano op. 63
12 Pieces for Piano 4 hands Op. 66
Twelve Studies for Piano op. 74
Two Romances op. 21
Two Choirs for Male Voices a capplella (1893) op. 31
24 Piano Pieces op. 36
Three Vocal Quartets op. 57
Three Pieces for Piano op. 42
Three Choirs a cappella (1895) op. 39
Three Sketches op. 24
Four Songs op. 6
Four Pieces for Piano op. 25
Four Romances op. 17
Four Romances op. 49
4 Etudes for Piano op. 41
Five Songs op. 70
Six Children`s Plays for piano in four hands. op. 34
Six Caprices for piano, dedicated. A.Ziloti op. 43
Six Pieces as a Canon for Piano Op. 1
Six Pieces for Piano op. 53
Six Romances op. 38
Six Romances op. 27
Eight Romances op. 60
Bigarrures, Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 20
Pres de la mer, for piano op. 52
Anchar, the Choir a cappella, poem of A. Pushkin (1886) op. 14
`Egyptian Nights`, ballet op. 50
Marguerite Gautier (fantasy) op. 9
Experiments with forgotten rhythms op. 28
Arabesques, Suite for Piano op. 67
Waltz As-dur for Piano
Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky for the orchestra op. 35a
Two Quartets a cappella (1901) op. 55
Intermezzo for String Orchestra in G minor op. 13
Cantata `In the decade of the Emperor Alexander III coronation`(1893)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in a-moll op. 54
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in f-moll (1882) op. 2
March `In memory of Suvorov` in C major
The music for the dramatization of the poem `The Fountain of Bakhchisarai` by A. Pushkin. 1899 op. 46
Opera `Nal and Damayanti ` op. 47
Raphael, opera op. 37
Raphael, opera arias
Pieces for Cello and Piano op. 56
Pieces for Cello and Piano op. 12
Serenade for Violin & Piano
N1 Symphony in B minor op. 4
Symphony 2 in A major op. 22
Scherzo in A-dur for piano op. 8
Quartet 1 in G major op. 11
String quartet No.2 in a-moll op. 35
Suite for two pianos No.1 op. 15
Suite for two pianos No.4 op. 62
Suite for two pianos No.5 op. 65
Suite for orchestra (or two pianos) No.2 `Silhouettes` op. 23
Suite for Orchestra No.1 in g-moll op. 7
Suite for orchestra 3 `Variations` in C major op. 33
Overture `Dream on the Volga` op. 16
Fantasia on a theme Ryabinin for piano and orchestra op. 48
Piano Trio No.1 D-moll op. 32
Piano Trio 2 in F minor op. 73
Piano Quintet in D major op. 51
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