Agathe Backer-Grondahl


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Ten Songs op.29
Ten Songs op.31
Ten Fantastic Pieces for Piano op.36
Ten Fantastic Pieces for Piano op.39
Twelve Little Fantastic Pieces for Piano op.55
Twelve Folk Songs and Melodies op.51
Sixteen Songs for the Choir op.67
Two Duets op.40
Two Concert Etudes for Piano op.57
Two Concert Etudes for Piano op.58
Two Songs
Two Songs from the Sea op.48
Two Pieces for Piano op.68
Two Salon Pieces op.64
Three Hungarian Etudes op. 38
Three Concert Etudes for Piano op.32
Two Concert Etudes for Piano op.47
Three Songs op. 1
Three Songs in Minor op.49
Three Pieces for Piano op.25
Three Pieces for Piano op.35
Three Pieces for Piano op.53
Three Pieces for Piano op.69
Four Songs op. 5
Four Songs op.10
Four Songs op.65
Five Songs op. 2
Five Songs op. 3
Five Songs op. 8
Five Songs op.12
Five Songs op.13
Five Songs op.23
Five Songs op.41
Five Songs op.46
Five Songs for Piano op.63
Five Fantastic Pieces for Piano op.45
6 Idylles for piano op.24
Six German Love Songs op.60
Six German Songs op.14
Six Songs op. 6
Six Songs op. 9
Six Songs op.16
Six Songs op.26
Six Songs op.27
Six Songs for Piano op.59
Six Fantastic Pieces for Piano op.66
Seven Songs op. 4
Seven Songs op.18
Eight Songs op.17
Eight Songs op.42
Ahasverus, Six Songs op.56
Andante Quasi Allegretto for Piano and Orchestra
Fire Skizzer (Four Sketches), Op. 19 Op. 19
Dance of the Hulder for Piano
I Blaafjellet, the Fairy-Tale Suite for Piano op.44
Kunstnermarsch for Piano
Evening Prayer
Summer Days, Four Songs op. 7
Summer, Eight Songs op.50
To the South, Six Songs op.54
Serenade op.21
Caprice in g-moll for Piano
Minuet in F Major for Piano
Folk Songs op.43
Norwegian Folk Songs op.34
Norwegian Folk Songs op.30
Norwegian Folk Songs op.33
Another Glimmer, Song op.70
Mother is Singing op.52
Clover Field, Song op.62
Song for the Male Choir in A Flat Major
Prelude and a Great Minuet for Piano op.61
Wedding Song op.28
Serenade for Piano op.37
Scherzo for Orchestra
Suite for Piano, Op. 20 o.20
Three Piano Pieces, Op. 15 o.15
Three Etudes for Piano. Op. 22 o.22
Four Sketches for Piano, Op. 19 o.19
Six Concert Etudes, Op. 11 o.11
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