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5 Ghazals of Hafiz. A Prelude and Five Songs
Fanfare for 4 Trumpets
A Pageant of Human Life, a Choir Suite
Christus, A Festival Symphony in Five Parts
Evening was lost her throne
Hamabdil, for a Cello and Orchestra
In the Far West, Serenade for a String Orchestra
Pibroch, for a Cello and Piano (Harp)
Scenes from the Scottish Highlands, Suite for Strings
The Time Spirit, Rhapsodia for a Choir and Orchestra
Atalanta in Calydon: Choral Symphony after Algernon Swinburne (1911)
Atlas Witch, a poem for orchestra 5 (1902)
Bacchanalia, a Concert Overture (1929)
Hebrides Symphony (1915)
Dante and Beatrice, a poem for orchestra 2 (1901)
Elena, Variations on a Theme H-F-B (1899)
Karistona Hebrides poem 1 (1920)
Celtic Symphony , for string orchestra and six harps (1940)
Cyprian Goddess, the symphony (1938-1939)
Frogs (by Aristophanes), comedy overture (1935)
Pirates, Hebrides poem No. 2 (1920)
Omar Khayyam, for chorus and orchestra (1909)
Prometheus Unbound, a Prelude for Wind Orchestra (1933)
Song of Songs for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1922)
Pro Patria Mori, for Violin and Piano (1889)
Desert and the Solitary Place, for soprano and orchestra
Piero at the moment , a comedy overture (1908)
Russian Scenes, Suite of five pieces for small orchestra (1899)
Sapphic Poem for cello and orchestra (1906)
Sapphic Dance, for a Piano
Sappho, a Prelude and Nine Pieces for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1906)
Silhouettes, 12 Pieces for Piano
Old English Suite for small orchestra (1909)
The Vanity of Vanities: Choral Symphony after Ecclesiastes (1913)
Talaba-Destroyer, a poem for orchestra 1 (1900)
Fifina at the Exhibition, a poem for orchestra 3 (1901)
Oedipus at Colonus, the Overture to Greek Tragedy (1911)
Elegic Poem, for a Cello and Orchestra
Pagan Poem for Flute and Piano (1930)
Pagan Symphony (1928)
Heroic Ballad 1 (1944)
Heroic Ballad 2 (1944)
The Fire-Worshippers, cantata
Orchestral Scene 1, Processional (1984)
Songs of Egypt. Bridal Song
Songs of Egypt. Festal Song
Songs of Egypt. In the Garden
Songs of Egypt. Invocation to the Nile
Songs of Egypt. Lament of Isis
Songs of Egypt. The Unutterable
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. A Dream of Spring
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. Return of Spring
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. The Celestial Weaver
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. The Ghost Road
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. The Old Fisherman of the Mists and Waters
Songs of the Chinese Poets Poems. Under the Moon
Songs of Persia. Drinking Song
Songs of Persia. Hymn of the Ghebers
Songs of Persia. In the Harem
Songs of Persia. The Pearl and the Rose
Songs of Persia. The Simurgh
Songs of Persia. Zal
The Bluebell Wood
The Fire Flame
The Peach Flower
The White Queen
Sonata for Viola and Piano No. 1 in F-dur
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 in G-dur (1928-1929)
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 in D-dur (1932)
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