FRANZ BEHR (1837–1898)

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2 Nocturnes for flute, violin and piano
29 small recital pieces for piano
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano
3 Morceaux de Salon for piano
4 Piano Pieces
6 Morceaux de salon for piano
6 Characteristic Piano Pieces for piano
9 Nouvelles Compositions for piano
Angels` Harps, piece for piano
Immergrün, Fantasies in a light style without octaves and fingering for piano
Plappermäulchen, Polka-Mazurka for piano
Ungarisches Album, 8 pieces for piano
Frühlingsgruss, Salon-Mazurka for piano
Frühlingsblumen, Album in the lightest style, without octaves for piano
Frühling und Liebe, Salonwalzer for piano
Traumwogen, piece for piano
Les bijoux, 12 easy pieces without Octaves and carefully fingered for piano
Goldene Träume, 20 pieces for piano 4 hands
Les Songes dorés, Valse de salon for piano
Dodelinette, Morceau de Salon for piano and campanella (ad lib.)
Royal Fanfare Galop for Piano or Piano 4-hands
Où vas-tu, petit oiseau?, Morceau de Salon for piano
Allégresse!, Impromptu for piano
Schmeichelkätzchen, Scherz-Polka for piano
Un billet doux, Galop élégante for piano
Liebesklage, Russisches Lied for piano
Mandolinata, Little Italian tunes for piano
Napolitana, Saltarello for piano
Pas si vite, Valse élégante for piano
Perciotta, Serenade catalane for piano
Schneeglöckchen, Light dance pieces for piano
Perce-neige, Galop elegant for piano
Fleurs des bois, Valse élégante for piano
Midnight in Granada, Sérénade espagnole for piano
Poëme damour, Mélodie for piano
La belle bergère, Mélodie gracieuse for piano
Rheinwogen, piece for piano
Rose et papillon, Bluette for piano
Rose damour, Polka élégante for piano
High Life, Petite Mazurka for piano
Frische Blüten, 4 pieces for piano
Frische Blüthen, 8 pieces for piano
La Rieuse, Polka for piano
Lose Blätter, 4 pieces for piano
Stilles Glück, piece for piano
Blumenlieder, Salon-Walzer for piano
Fleurs de Lilas, Quatre petits Morceaux de Salon sans Octaves for piano
Csardas Album (After Hungarian folk songs), pieces for piano in 4 hands
La Fileuse, Impromptu a la Valse for piano
Echo de la Styrie, Valse villageoise for piano
Abonnenten-Polka for piano
Andantino in C minor for piano
Souvenir du Grand Hôtel d`Arcachon, Valse for piano
Valse des Elfes for piano
Ungarische Tänze for piano 4 hands
Royal Gavotte for piano
Brief easy pieces for piano
Favourite Pianoforte Pieces
Le petit concert for piano 4-hands and violin ad libitum
Meditation (Andante religioso) for string orchestra
O wär` mein Lieb ein Brünnlein kalt, song for vocal and piano
Wie ich dich liebe, soll ich dir sagen?, song for Voice and piano
Salon-Transcription on `Am stillen Herd in Winterszeit` for piano
Air de danse for piano
Fantasie on Walthers Preislied (after Wagner) for piano
Gipsy Serenade for piano
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