Julius Bleichmann


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Miscellanees, Six Pieces for Piano op.28
Kolodniki, Ballad op.26, 2
The Dramatic Scene `Prince Mihailo Repnin` op.24
The Torch of Christianity, Opera op.37
Like Violent Waves op.40, 1
Moonlight Night op.40, 5
Do not wait for love confessions op. 9, 1
Do You Remeber or No op. 9, 2
Did you see, Romance Duet op.33, 6
Chanson d`Automne op.19, 5
Fortunat: Oh, Love Me
Lyda op.19, 3
Melancolie d`Avril op.19, 4
Peine d`amour op.19, 2
Serenade melancolique op.19, 1
Barcarola op.27, 4
Poor Lina, Romance op.25, 6
Without Love op.32, 6
In the Silence of the Night op.14, 8
Under the Rain
The Winter Was In My Soul
At this Moon Night op.32, 2
Spring Night op.14, 2
Spring op.25, 3
Light Wind op.25, 5
Spring Returns op.32, 1
Eastern Song op.33, 2
The Same Light
Long away, Romance op.33, 1
Thirst for Spring op.14, 10
What For/Why op.14, 7
From the Diary, Romance op.32, 8
I was weary of life joyless sleep, Romance op.27, 3
May has begun to shine as brilliant
My love has blossomed like a lilac, Romance op.14, 1
Lullaby op.33, 5
I Love This Flower op.14, 4
Love op.32, 5
Love op.35, 8b
Do not wake her up at the dawn
Oh, Do Not Be Sad op.34, 2
Autumn op.33, 4
Moonlight Song op.35, 3
In the shadow of the roses, Romance op.25, 1
The Harbinger of Spring op.27, 6
At the Early Morning, Romance op.14, 5
Little Creek, Romance op.32, 7
Today is the day when the crowds go, Romance op.35, 11
Heart op.14, 9
Serenade op.25, 4
Serenade op.27, 2
Listen My Story op.27, 1
Soul`s Dream op.33, 3
Twilight op.25, 2
Sit next to me op.32, 3
At your feet, Romance op.34, 1
The lights in rooms already extinguished, Romance
Are these the same songs, Romance op.14, 3
My Lips Are Silent
Morning Serenade, Romance op.34, 3
Good to me now, Romance op.27, 5
Flowers and You, Romance op.14, 6
Whisper, timid breathing, Romance
This Is You! Romance op.32, 10
I was again in your garden, Romance
I was waiting for you, Romance op.32, 9
I`m here, Inezilla ... (Spanish serenade) op.32, 4
I look at you, Romance
I will not tell you, Romance
Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major op.15
Piano Quintet in D Major op.16
Of Prikaz Gate, Comic song op.26, 3
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