Charles Wakefield Cadman


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2 Songs (1905-06) op. 29
2 Piano Solos op. 70
Three Moods for the Piano op. 47
4 American Indian songs (1909) op. 45
The Legend of the Canyon (1920) op. 68
Thunderbird Suite fr Orchestra (or Piano) op. 63
Idealized Indian Themes, 4 pieces for Piano op. 54
Idyls of the South Sea, 4 songs for voice and piano op. 55
From Wigwam and Tepee, Four American Indian Songs Founded upon Tribal Melodies op. 57
From Hollywood, suite foe Piano op. 80
Holidays, Six Tone Pictures for the Pianoforte
Sayonara, Prelude and 4 Songs for 2 voices (mezzo/alto, baritone), piano (or voice, piano) op. 49
The Morning of the Year, A song-cycle for four solo voices (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) with piano accompaniment
Prairie Sketches, 4 pieces for Piano op. 21
American Suite for String Orchestra
Oriental Suite for Piano op. 75
The Vision of Sir Launfal, cantata for tenor, baritone + male chorus (TTBB), piano and organ
Legend and Caprice for Organ op. 30
Love Song for Piano op. 40
March in C major for Organ
Meditation in D-flat major for Organ
Melody in a Folk-song Style for Organ
pera `The Robin Woman or Shanewis` (1918)
Songs for voice and piano op. 51
Call Me No More, song for voice and piano
He Who Moves in the Dew, song for Voice and Piano
I Found Him on the Mesa, song for voice and piano
The Heart of Her, song for voice and piano
Indian Summer, song for voice and piano
Magnolia Blooms, song for voice and piano op. 60/2
A Moonlight Song for voice and piano op. 42/2
Romance in G-flat major for Harp
I Hear a Thrush at Eve, Serenade for voice and piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano in G-dur (1930)
Sonata in A major for the Piano op. 58
Piano Trio in D major (1914) op. 56
Piano Quintet in G minor (1937)
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