Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


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2 Romantic Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 9
24 Negro Melodies for Piano (1905) op.59
3 Cameos for Piano, Op.56 op.56
3 Short Pieces for Organ
3 Silhouettes for Piano op.38
3 Impromptus for Organ (1910?) op.78
3 Humoresques for Piano (1897) op.31
4 African Dances for Violin and Piano op.58
4 Scenes de Ballet for Piano (1906) op.64
4 Novelletten for String Orchestra op.52
4 Characteristic Waltzes for Orchestra (1899) op.22
5 Fairy Ballads for Voice and piano
5 Fantasiestücke for 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello (1895) op. 5
5 Choral Ballads for Voices and Orchestra (1903?) op.54
6 Songs for Voice and Piano op.37
6 Sorrow Songs for Voice and Piano op.57
The Bamboula, Rhapsodic Dance for Orchestra (1910?)
Papillon, Piece for Piano (1907?)
Bon-Bon Suite for Baritone Solo, Chorus SATB and Orchestra (1908) op.68
Herod, Suite for orchestra op.47
St. Agnes` Eve, Suite from the Incidental Music for Piano (1912)
Forest Scenes, Op.66 op.66
Moorish Dance, Op.55 op.55
Nero, Incidental Music op.62
Othello, Suite for Orchestra op.79
Songs of Sun and Shade, 5 songs for voice and piano (1911)
Hiawatha`s Departure. Oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1900) op.30
Scenes from an every-day romance, suite for full orchestra (1900) op.41
Southern Love Songs, 5 songs for voice and piano (1895?) op.12
Now Late on the Sabbath Day, Anthem for SATB Choir and Organ (1900?)
African Suite for Piano (1898) op.35
Ballade in A minor for Orchestra (1898) op.33
Ballade for Violin and Orchestra (1895) op. 4
Ballade for Violin and Piano (1907) op.73
Variations in B minor for violoncello & piano
Variations on an African Air for Orchestra (1905) op.63
Idyll for Orchestra in C major
Intermezzo for Piano (1910?)
The Atonement, Cantata for SATB soli, chorus / orchestra (1903) op.53
Endymion`s Dream, Cantata for soprano, tenor + mixed chorus (SATB) Orchestra op.65
The Blind Girl of Castél-Cuillé, Cantata for Soprano, Baritone soli, Chorus / Orchestra (1901) op.43
The Gitanos, Cantata-Operetta for Soprano, 2 mezzo-sopranos, 2 altos + female chorus (SSA) + piano (1898) op.26
Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in F Sharp Minor (1905?) op.10
Violin Concerto in g-moll op. 80 op.80
Moorish Tone-Pictures for Piano (1896?) op.19
Petite Suite de Concert, op.77 op.77
A Tale of Old Japan, Oratorio for soprano, tenor, baritone, mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1910) op.76
Organ Album
A King There Lived in Thule, Song for Voice and Piano (1908)
Candle Lightin` Time, Song for Voice and Piano
Eulalie, Song for Voice and Piano
Five and Twenty Sailormen, Song for Voice and Piano
The Shoshone`s Adieu, Song for Voice and Piano (1904)
Life and Death, Song for Voice and Piano (1913?)
Life and Death, Song for Voice and Piano (1913?)
Viking Song for Chorus and Piano (1910?)
The Willow Song for voice and piano (1912)
A Lament for Voice and Piano (1910)
Meg Blane, Rhapsody for mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1902) op.48
Sea Drift, A Rhapsody for Eight Voices and Piano (1907?) op.69
Romance for Violin with orchestra in G major (1899) op.39
Sonata for Violin and Piano in D minor (1898?) op.28
Scenes from an Imaginary Ballet for Piano (1910) op.74
Three-Fours, Valse Suite for Piano (1909) op.71
Suite for Violin and Piano op. 3
Suite from the Ballet Music Hiawatha op.82
Solemn prelude for full orchestra, composed for the Worcester musical festival (1899) op.40
The Lord is My Strength, Choral for SATB Choir and Organ (1891)
Gypsy Suite op.20
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