Cézar Cui

CéZAR CUI (1835–1918)

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Twelve Pieces for Piano op. 20
Two Songs for Male Choir a cappella op. 58
2 Pieces for Cello and Orchestra (1886) op. 36
21 Poems of N. Nekrasov (1902) op. 62
25 Preludes for piano (1903) op. 64
25 Poems by Pushkin op. 57
Three Waltzes for Piano, dedicated to S. Methner op. 31
Three Mazurkas for piano (1909) op. 79
Three Melodic Sketches for Piano (1913?) op. 93
Three Pieces for Two Pianos (1907) op. 69
3 Scherzos op. 82
Five Pieces for Violin, Flute and Piano (1897) op. 56
Five Pieces for Piano (1911) op. 83
Five Choirs a cappella, poems of K. R. (1893) op. 46
Six Poems of Y. Polonsky op. 76
Six Choirs for Mixed Voices a cappella op. 63
Six Choirs for Mixed Voices a cappella (1895) op. 53
Seven Vocal Quartets, poems by F. Sologub(1901) op. 59
Seven Little Chorus, poems by I. Belousov op. 77
Seven Choirs a cappella for Mixed Voices (1885) op. 28
9 Vocal Quartets for Male Voices (1912) op. 88
Budris and His Sons, ballad for solo voice and orchestra op. 98
They Are Coming, the choir a cappella on poems by N. Wilde
Kaleidoscope, 24 Pieces for Violin and Piano (1893) op. 50
`Your poem`, cantata memory of Mikhail Lermontov for solists, choir and orchestra (1914) op. 96
`Song of the Blessed Virgin` for mezzo-soprano (soprano) and mixed choir (1914) op. 93
Operatic Arias
Barcarolla for Celllo and Piano op. 81
Spring Fair, the series Echoes of War op. 664
Two Musicians op. 42
The 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, Cantata (1913) op. 89
Suite Concertante for violin & orchestra (or piano) op. 25
Prisoner of the Caucasus, opera (1857-58/1881-82/1885)
The Captain`s Daughter, opera (1907-09)
Mademoiselle Fifi, opera (1902-03)
Opera `A Fest in Time of Plague` (1900)
The Snow Bogatyr, opera (1905)
Opera `The Mandarin`s Son` (1859)
Filibuster, opera (1888-89)
Hunger, romance
Ballads, songs
Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 84
String Quartet 2 (1907) op. 68
Suite for Orchestra No.2 in E major
Suite No.3, `In Modo Populari` op. 43
Suite for Orchestra No. 4 op. 40
Tarantella for Orchestra op. 12
Le Flibustier for orchestra
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