Mikalojus Konstantinas Czurlanis


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Two Pieces op. 4
Two Pieces op. 6
Two Pieces op. 8
Two Fughetta and Two Preludes op.29
3 Preludes op.13
Three Preludes op.11
Three Preludes op.30
Three Preludes op.32
Three Preludes op.14
Three Preludes on the same topic op.20
Three Pieces op.12
Three Pieces op.19
Three Pieces op.17
Four Preludes op.21
Four Preludes op.27
Four Preludes op.26
Four Preludes op.31
Four Preludes op.16
Four Pieces op. 3
Four Pieces op. 7
Five Preludes op.22
Six Preludes op.33
Seven Preludes for Organ
Autumn VL264
De profundis, for chorus and orchestra (1899)
Marios op.28
Pater noster for piano VL260
Theme `BEEs ACAEs` And Three Variations op.18
Canon in As-dur for organ
Canon in D moll for organ
Anoj pusej Nemuno, Lithuanian folk song
Ant kalno gluosnis, Lithuanian folk song
Beaustanti ausrele, Lithuanian folk song
Bekit, bareliai, Lithuanian folk song
Oi giria, giria, Lithuanian folk song
Oi lekia, lekia, Lithuanian folk song
Siunte mane mociute, Lithuanian folk song
Mazurka VL234
Mazurka VL222
Nocturne VL178
Nocturne VL183
Prelude VL164
Prelude VL187
Prelude VL169
Prelude VL241
Prelude VL197
Prelude VL185
Prelude VL182
Prelude VL259
Prelude VL256
Prelude VL259
Prelude VL239
Prelude VL230
Prelude VL188
Prelude VL186
Prelude VL184
Prelude VL294
Prelude VL295
Prelude VL298
Prelude VL304
Prelude VL325
Prelude VL330
Prelude VL335
Prelude VL338
Prelude VL340
Prelude VL344
Prelude VL343
Prelude VL257
Prelude VL327
Prelude VL339
Prelude VL342
Prelude VL318
Prelude As-dur for organ
Prelude in F-dur for organ
Prelude in G-moll for organ
Prelude and fugue VL345
Symphonic poem "In the Forest"
Symphonic poem "The Sea"
Sonata VL155
String Quartet
A Theme and Six Variations op.15
Three pieces for piano
Fugue op.34
Fugue in C moll for organ
Fugue cis-moll for organ
Fugue in G-moll for organ
Fugue for organ in fis-moll VL223
Fugue for organ in b-moll VL345
Fugue-Chorale in a-moll
Cabaret song VL199
Impromptu VL181
Humoresque VL162
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