John Dowland

JOHN DOWLAND (1563–1626)

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A Coye Gigge P. 57
A Coye Joye P. 80
A dream - Lady Leighton`s paven P. 75
A Fancy P. 72
A Fancy P. 73
A Fancy (Fantasia) P. 5
A Galliard (on Walsingham) P. 31
A Jig P. 38
Adew for Master Oliver Cromwell P. 13
Almain P. 49
Almain P. 51
Aloe P. 68
An Almand P. 96
As I went to Walsingham
Capitain Candishe his Galyard P. 21
Captain Digorie Piper`s Galliard P. 19
Captayne Pipers Galliard P. 88
Cease, cease these false sports
Clear or Cloudy
Come away P. 60
Complaint, P. 63
De profundis
Die not before thy day (1600)
Domine exaudi
Domine ne in furore
Doulands rounde battell galyarde P. 39
Dr. Cases pavan P. 12
Earle of Essex, His Gallard
Farewell P. 3
Farwell (An `In Nomine`) P. 4
Flow My Tears
Forlorn Hope Fancy P. 2
Fortune my foe P. 62
Galliard P. 35
Galliard P. 27
Galliard P. 30
Galliard to Lachrimae P. 46
Galliard Upon A Galliard Of Daniel Bachelar P. 28
Galliard [on `Awake sweet love`, set by Fr. Cutting] P. 93
Go from my Window P. 64
Hasellwoods Galliard (Anthony Holborne) P. 84
Lachrimae (alternative version)
Lachrimae Antiquae Pavan
Lady Rich, Her Galliard
Langton`s Galliard
Lord De L`Isle`s Galliard
Lord Willoughbys welcome home
Loth to Depart P. 69
M. Giles Hobies galiard P. 29
Melancholy galliard P. 25
Mignarda P. 34
Miserere mei Deus
Mistresse Nichols Almand P. 52
Mistris Norrishis Delight P. 77
Mistris Whittes thinge P. 50
Mounsieur`s Almaine
Mr. Dowland`s Midnight P. 99
Mr. Knights Galliard P. 36
Mr. Langton`s Galliard (No. 33) P. 33
Mrs Brigide fleetwoods paven P. 11
Mrs Cliftons Allmaine P. 53
Mrs. Vaux`s Galliarde P. 32
Mrs. Vaux`s Jig
Mrs. Whites nothing P. 56
Mrs. Winters jump P. 55
My heart and tongue were twins
My Ladie Riches, His Galliard P. 43a
My Lord Chamberlain, His Galliard
My Lord Willobies wellcome home P. 66
My Lord Willobies wellcome home P. 66a
Orlando sleepeth P. 61
Pavana Doulant
Pavana Dowlandi Angli (Johann Daniel Mylius)
Pavana for Johan Douland
Pavin (Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse; arr. Dowland)
Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens P. 9
Sir Henry Guilforde, his Almaine
Sir Henry Umptons Funerall
Sir John Smith`s almain P. 47
Sir John Souchs Galliard
Sir Robert Sidney, his Galliard
Sir Thomas Monson, his Galliard (Robert Dowland)
Sir Thomas Monson, his Pavana (Robert Dowland)
Solus cum sola P. 10
Squires Galliard
Tarletons Willy P. 81
Tarleton`s Riserrectione P. 59
The Battle Galliard
The Earl of Derbies Galliard P. 44
The Earl of Derby, His Galliard P. 44a
The Earl of Essex Galliard (set by Daniel Bachelar) P. 89
Unquiet thoughts
Who ever thinks or hopes of love
My thoughts are wing`d with hopes
If my complaints
Can she excuse my wrongs
Now, O now, I needs must part
Dear, if you change
Burst forth my tears
Go crystal tears
Think`st thou then by thy feigning
Come away, come sweet love
Rest awhile, you cruel cares
Sleep, wayward thoughts
All ye, whom Love or Fortune
`Wilt thou unkind thus reave me`
Would my conceit
Come again sweet love doth now invite
His golden locks
Awake, sweet love
Come, heavy sleep
Away with these self-loving lads
The humble complaint of a sinner
The humble suit of a sinner
The King of Denmark`s Galliard
The Lady Laiton`s almain P. 48
The Lady Russells Paven P. 17
The lamentation of a sinner
The most hight and mightie Christianus, the fourth King of Denmark, his Gaillard P. 40
The most sacred Queene Elizabeth, her Gaillard P. 41
The Queen`s galliard P. 97
The Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, his Galliard P. 42a
The Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Lisle, his Galliard P. 38
I saw my Lady weep (1600)
Flow my tears (1600)
Sorrow, sorrow, stay (1600)
Die not before thy day
Mourn, mourn, day is with darkness fled (1600)
Time`s eldest son (1600)
Then sit thee down (1600)
When others sing Venite (1600)
Praise blindness eyes (1600)
O sweet woods (1600)
If flood of tears (1600)
`Fine knacks for ladies`
Now cease my wandring eyes (1600)
Come ye heavy states of night (1600)
White as lilies was her face (1600)
Woeful heart (1600)
A shepard in a shade (1600)
Faction that ever dwells (1600)
Shall I sue (1600)
Toss not my soul (1600)
`Clear or cloudy`
Humour say what mak`st thou there (1600)
The Shoemaker`s Wife (A Toy) P. 58
Farewell, too fair (1603)
Time stands still (1603)
Behold a wonder here (1603)
Daphne was not so chaste (1603)
Me, me, and none but me (1603)
When Phoebus first did Daphne love (1603)
Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (1603)
Flow not so fast, ye fountains (1603)
What if I never speed? (1603)
Love stood amazed (1603)
Lend your ears to my sorrow (1603)
By a fountain where I lay (1603)
O what hath overwrought (1603)
Farewell, unkind (1603)
`Weep you no more, sad fountains`
Fie on this faining! (1603)
I must complain (1603)
It was a Time when silly bees (1603)
Song `The lowest trees have tops`
What poor astronomers are they (1603)
Come when I call (1603)
Une Jeune Fillette P. 93
Unnamed Piece (Almaine)
Up merry mates
Wallsingham P. 67
Welcome black night
What if a day P. 79
Where sin sore wounding
A piece without title P. 51
`Can she excuse` (galliard) P. 42
`His golden locks`
`Lachrimae`, or Seven Teares`, Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans, for five viols and lute (1604)
`The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark`
The Lady Cliftons Spirit P. 45
Sweet Robyne P. 70
Allemande `My lady Hunssdon`s puffe` P. 54
Galliard P.104
A Galliard P. 82
Gagliarda P.103
Galliard P. 76
"Mignarda", a galliard
Walsingam Galliard
Dowland`s Galliard P. 20
Queen Elizabeth`s Galliard
Suzanna Galliard P. 91
Coranto P.100
The frogg galliard P. 23
The Frog Galliard P. 23
Lord Strangs March P. 65
Pavan P. 18
A Pavan P. 16
Pavana P. 94
Pavana (Johann Daniel Mylius)
Pavan La mia Barbara P. 95
Pavan `Lachrimae` P. 15
Pavana `Lachrimae` (Joachim van den Hove)
Solus sine sola, pavana
Pavana in C-dur
Mayster Pypers Pavyn P. 8
Sir John Langton`s Pavan P. 14
Sir John Souche`s Galliard P. 26
Dowland`s First Galliard P. 22
Disdain me still (1612)
From silent night (1612)
In this trembling shadow cast (1612)
Tell me, true love (1612)
Were every thought an eye (1612)
When the poor cripple (1612)
Far from triumphing Court
Go nightly cares (1612)
`Have you seen the bright lily grow`
If that a sinner`s sighs (1612)
Song `In darkness let me dwell`
Lasso vita mia (1612)
Love, those beams that breed (1612)
Shall I strive with words to move? (1612)
Stay, Time, awhile thy flying`(1612)
Sweet stay awhile (1612)
Thou mighty god (1612)
To ask for all thy love (1612)
When David`s life (1612)
Preludium P. 98
A fancy P. 5
Fantasia P. 1a
A Fancy P. 7
A Fancy P. 6
A Fantasia P. 71
A Fantasia P. 1
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