Reinhold Gliere


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10 duos for two Cellos op. 53
Eleven pieces for different instruments and piano (1908) op. 35
11 Songs for Voice and Piano op. 28
Twelve duets for two violins op. 49
Twelve Album Pages for Cello and Piano op. 51
Twelve Sketches (middle difficulty) for piano op. 47
2 Morceaux op. 9
2 Pieces op. 32
Three Mazurkas for piano op. 29
4 Romances for voice and piano op. 46
Six Pieces for Piano
Songs for Voice and Piano op. 10
6 Songs for Voice and Piano op. 12
6 Romances for Voice and Piano op. 36
Eight Duets for violin and cello op. 39
Eight Light Pieces for Piano op. 43
8 Songs for Voice and Piano op. 18
Along the Peter Street, treatment of Russian folk songs for choir a cappella
Symphonic poem-ballet Zaporozhtsy (The Zaporozhy Cossaks) op. 64
Red Poppy, Suite from the ballet
The Bronze Horseman, Suite from the ballet op. 89a
Oh, If My Sadness
Song Without Words
Symphonic poem for large orchestra Sireny (The Sirens) op. 33
Ballet Suite Taras Bulba op. 92
Ballet The Red Poppy op. 70
Ballet The Bronze Horseman op. 89
Ballad for Cello and Piano op. 4
Waltz for Violin and Piano
Eastern Song (N. Minsky)
Heroic March of the Buryat-Mongol ASSR C-dur op. 71
Harp concerto Es-dur op. 74
Horn Concerto B-dur op. 91
Cello Concerto d-moll op. 87
Concerto for Voice and Orchestra op. 82
Violin Concerto g-moll op.100
Concert Waltz for large orchestra Des-dur op. 90
Album sheet for cello and piano op. 51 1
Octet for strings D-dur op. 5
Preludes op. 26
Preludes for piano op. 30
Lada, Romance, op. 58
Night Is Coming, Romance . 50 1
Do Not Make A Wreath Of Flowers, Romance
Wake Up, Baby! Romance op. 50
Human Tears, Romance, poem by F. Tiutchev
Romance for Violin and Piano (Orchestra ) D-dur op. 3
Romance for Piano
Sextet for strings C-dur op. 11
Symphony No. 1 Es-dur op. 8
Symphony No. 2 c-moll op. 25
Symphony No.3 in h-moll `Elijah of Murom` (1911) op. 42
String Quartet No. 1 A-dur op. 2
String Quartet No. 2 in g-moll op. 20
String Quartet 3 in c-moll op. 67
String Quartet 4 op. 83
Solemn Overture G-dur op. 72
Peoples` Friendship, overture,1941
Overture Festival in Ferghana D-dur op. 75
Shahsanam. Overture to opera
Overture on Slavonic topics op. 78
Fantasia `On A Holiday Of the Comintern` for orchestra
Fantasia-Symphony for Folk Orchestra F-dur op. 80
Fugue on a theme of Russian Christmas song for Organ or Harmonium
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