Alexander Grechaninov


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Gloria... Unigenite fili
Twighlight Slowly Setting
Inspire, O God, my prayer
Shout to the Lord all the earth ...
It is Truly Meet
The Only Begotten Son
Treatment of Russian folk song `Should I go, should I come out` for the choir, unaccompanied
`Reflections` op. 14
Roman Sonnets to words by Viacheslav Ivanov op.160
Glory Be to God in Heaven op. 71 2
Holy Week op. 58
Lord Of My Days (Poem by Alexander Pushkin)
All Night Vigil (1912) op. 59
Hymn of Free Russia, 1917
Liturgia Domestica op. 79
Children`s Album (1923) op. 98
Zaprichastny Stikh (To Virgin with diligent)
Cantata `Snowflakes` op. 47
Praise God, cantata. 1932
Lullaby for cello and piano op.108
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra op. 8
Lada, the Phoenix Bird Op. 68
Sancti Spiritus, mass for choir and organ op.169
Nocturne from Suite for Cello and Piano op. 86
Dobrynya Nikitich, opera-bylina op. 22
Teremok (Mansion), a children`s opera (1921)
Songs, ballads
`Missa festiva` op.154
Symphony No.1 in h-moll op. 6
Symphony No.2 in a-moll `Pastorale` op. 27
Symphony No.3 op.100
Symphony No.4 op.102
Symphony No.5 in g-moll op.153
Sonata for Cello and Piano in e-moll op.113
Sonata for Clarinet (or viola) & Piano 1 in B-dur op.161
Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 87
String Quartet No.1 in G-dur op. 2
String Quartet No.2 in d-moll op. 70
String Quartet No.3 in c-moll op. 75
String Quartet No.4 in F-dur op.124
At Krynica, a triptych on verses by V. Ivanov (1916) Op. 73
Piano Trio No.1 in c-moll op. 38
Piano Trio No.2 in G-dur op.128
The Cherubic Hymn
Choral works
Missa Oecumenica op.142
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