Vitaly Semyonovich Hodosh


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After reading Bishop by A. Chekhov, cantata for narrator and mixed choir a cappella (1995)
Helpless Creature, a chamber opera based on the eponymous story by A. P. Chekhov (1996)
The Witch, chamber opera by the eponymous story by Anton Chekhov (1998)
The Seasons, a choral cycle on poems by V. Bryusov
Zoryushki-Zori, concerto for mixed chorus a cappella (1986)
Chamber music for violin, cello, flute, vibraphone and piano (2006)
`Overheard`, a song cycle based on poems by A. Akhmatova (1997)
Sentimental Suite for Violin and Piano (1976)
Passion of Anna, poem for narrator, chorus and string orchestra (`Requiem` by Anna Akhmatova, 2002)
White Lilies Ringing. Triptych for Tenor and Piano on poems by N. Gumilev (1996)
Hyppopothetical Gippopopoema, four children`s songs on poems by Renata Muha (2013)
Two Chorus on poems by A. Pushkin for the child (female) choir (2003)
Piano Concerto (1991)
May, Concertino for Piano and String Orchestra (2009)
Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra (1994)
Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra (1972)
Little Red Riding Hood, a piece for piano (2008)
Bear, One-Act Opera-Joke on the Eponymous Play by A. P. Chekhov (2005)
Song of Khitrunia of the Musical Fairy Tale for Children `Fight in the Forest` by N. Kostarev (1980)
Letter. Opera after Chapter 18 of the Novel Life and Fate by V. S. Grossman (2009)
Poem for Viola and Orchestra (1976)
Five bad advices by Grigory Oster, for tenor and piano (1996)
Seven songs on texts of `Vespers`
Sonata-Poem for Bayan (1978)
Piano Sonatina (2008)
Strihg Quartet. 1985
Suite for Piano (1967)
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