John Ireland

JOHN IRELAND (1879–1962)

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2 Pieces for Piano (1921)
Two Pieces for Piano (1925)
2 Pieces for Piano (1929-30)
Five Sixteenth Century Poems (1938)
Jubilate Deo in C major
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C major
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in F major
Overture `Satyricon` (1946)
Te Deum Laudamus in F major
The Holy Boy, transcription for cello and orchestra (by C. Palmer)
These Things Shall Be (1937)
Two Symphonic Studies (arr. Geoffrey Bush)
Greenways (1937)
Mai-Dun (1921)
Month`s Mind (1935)
Sarnia (1940-41)
Songs Sacred and Profane (1929-31)
The Cost, songs (1916)
The Forgotten Rite (1913)
The Land of Lost Content (1920-21)
The Towing Path (1918)
Legend - for Piano and Orchestra (1933)
Leaves from a Child`s Sketchbook (1918)
London Pieces (1917-20)
Mother and Child
Preludes (1913)
Decorations (1912-13)
Ballade (1929)
Benedictus in C major
A Downland Suite (1932)
Greater Love Hath No Man
Sea Idyll (1900)
Berceuse (1902)
Piano Concerto in E-flat Dur (1930)
Miniature Suite for Organ (1904)
First Rhapsody for Piano in fis-moll (1906)
There is a Garden in Her Face
Blow Out, You Bugles
Earth`s Call, song (1918)
Full Fathom Five
Hawthorne Time (1919)
Hope the Hornblower
I Have 12 Oxen (1918)
If There were Dreams to Sell (1918)
Love is a Sickness Full of Woes (1921)
My True Love Hath my Heart
Rest (1919)
Sea Fever (1913)
Spring Sorrow
The Adoration (1918)
The Heart`s Desire
The Lent Lily
The Rat (1918)
The Sacred Flame
The Soldier
The Trellis
Prelude Es-dur
Rhapsody (1915)
Tritons, Symphonic Prelude
Cello Sonata (1923)
Violin Sonata No.1 in D minor
Violin Sonata No.2 in A minor (1915-17)
Piano Sonata (1918-20)
Piano Sonatina (1926-27)
Three Songs to Poems by Thomas Hardy (1925): 2 - `Her Song`
Three Dances for Piano (1913)
Phantasie (1906)
Fantasy-Sonata (1943)
Piano Trio No.2 (1917)
Piano Trio No.3
Elegiac Romance (1903/1958)
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