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14 Pieces for Flute and Piano (1936) op.157b
15 Etudes for Saxophone and Piano (1943) op.188
Deux Pieces symphoniques: 1. En rêve, 2. Au loin. (1896-1900) op. 20
4 Interludes op.214
Quatre Nouvelles Sonatines (1924) op. 87
5 Mélodies op. 5
L`andalouse dans Barcelone op.134
Ballade for piano and orchestra op. 50
Deux Nocturnes cor, flûte et harpe ou piano (1897-1912) op. 32bis
Idyll (1936) op.155
Quintet for Piano and Strings (1908-1921) op. 80
Quintet No. 2 for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp (1949) op.223
Paysages et Marines, for piano, flute, clarinette, deux violons alto et violoncelle (1917) op. 63
Nocturne - for chromatic harp
Préludes op.209
Five pieces for English horn and piano / Six pieces for oboe d`amore and piano / Twelve pieces for oboe and piano op.179
The Seven Stars Symphony (1933) op.132
Symphony No.1 (1926) op. 57bis
Symphony No.2 (1944) op.196
Sonata for Flute and Piano op. 52
Sonata for Two Flutes op. 75
Sonata for Viola and Piano (1915) op. 53
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1917) op. 66
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano op. 77
Sonatina for oboe d`amur op.194/1
Sonatina for oboe d`amur op.194/2
String Quartet No.1 op. 51
String Quartet No.2 (1915-16) op. 57
String Quartet No.3 op. 72
Three Pieces for Bassoon and Piano op. 34
Choral on the letters in Fauré`s name, for strings, 1922 (orchestration 1933) op. 73bis
Epitaphe of Jean Harlow Romance for Flute, Alto Saxophone, and Pïano (1937) op.164
Les Heures Persanes, suite for orchestra op. 65
Morceau de lecture, for flute and piano (1948) op.218
L`Album de Lilian II, pour piano, flute, ondes Marteno et Harpsichord, 2eme serie (1935) op.149
L`Album de Lilian, pour Flute, Piano et voice, 1ere serie (1934) op.139
Vers le Soleil, 7 Monodies for waves of Martenot (1939) op.174
THE JUNGLE BOOK (after Rudyard Kipling): 1.Three Poems op. 18
THE JUNGLE BOOK (after Rudyard Kipling): 2.The Spring Running (1911, 1925-27) op. 95
THE JUNGLE BOOK (after Rudyard Kipling): 3.The Mmeditation of Purun Bhagat (1936) op.159
THE JUNGLE BOOK (after Rudyard Kipling): 4.The Law of the Jungle (1939) op.175
THE JUNGLE BOOK (after Rudyard Kipling): 5.The Bandar-log (1939-1940) op.176
Sept chansons pour Gladys, for Soprano and Piano op.151
L`Ancienne maison de Campagne, suite for piano op.124
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