György Kurtag

GYöRGY KURTAG (Born 1926)

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... pas a pas - nulle part. Poems de Samuel Beckett et Maximes de Sebastien Chamfort for baritone, string trio, percussion (1993-98) op. 36
...Apres une lecture de Rimbaud, for Flute solo
...quasi una fantasia...
Microludes, for piano
12 New Microludies, for piano
A Kis Csava (1978) .15b
Auf! Schwung!
C`erano due Fiori, for Flute solo
Holderlin-Gesange for baritone op. 35a (1993 - 1997) op. 35a
In nomine all`ongherese, for basset horn solo
Irka-firka szuletesnapra Mihaly Andrasnak for two violons, two violas, cello and double bass (1991)
Játékok - plays & games for piano (two or four hands) (1990-93)
Signs for solo cello op. 5b
Kafka-Fragments, for Soprano and Violin (1987) op. 24
Ligatura - Message to Frances Marie (The Answered Unanswered Question) (1989) op. 31b
Messages de Feu Demoiselle R. V. Troussova (1976-80) O. 21
Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervanszky
Samuel Beckett - Mi Is A Szo, Op. 30b (1991) op. 30b
Scenes from a Novel op. 19
Signs, Games and Messages
Songs of Despair and Sorrow for mixed choir with instruments op. 18
Salkak (Splinters), for cimbalom, Op. 6/c op. 6c
Splinters for piano, op. 6d op. 6d
Stele for large orchestra op. 33
Un brin de bruyere (1994) for cimbalot
Hommage a Varese
Hommage a Kadosa (12 Microludes)
Eight Pieces for Piano op. 3
Eight Choruses to Poems by Dezsö Tandori for mixed choir a cappella op. 23
Grabstein fur Stephan
Dedication Andras Mihai, 12 microludes for String Quartet (1977-78)
Omaggio a Luigi Nono to poems by Anna Akhmatova and R. Dalos for mixed choir a cappella op. 16
Hommage a Pierre Boulez
Hommage à Robert Schumann for clarinet, viola & piano op. 15d
Hommage a Berenyi Ferenc 70 (1997) for cimbalot
Hommage a J. S. B.
String Quartet Op. 1
Tre altri pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalot (1996) op. 38a
Tre pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalot op.38 (1996) op. 38
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