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FRANZ LISZT (1811–1886)

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Piano transcription of `Nightingale` by Alyabyev (1842) S.249d/ 250/1
Fantasy and Fugue in g-moll S.463
Drei Bach-Bearbeitungen Anh.
(Bach) Six Preludes and Fugues (1842-1850). S462 S.462
Aria from the St Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach
Variations on a theme from Bach`s cantata 12 `Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen` S.180
Prelude on a theme from Bach`s cantata 12 `Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen` S.179
`Réminiscences de `Norma` (Bellini) for piano S.394
(Bellini) Memories of the opera I Puritani (1836) S.390
Hexameron - Variations on a march from the opera `I Puritani` by Bellini S.392
(Bellini) Introduction and Polonaise from onery `I Puritani` (1840) S.391
(Bellini) Fantasia on a favorite motifs from the opera `La Sonnambula` (1874) S.393
(Berlioz) L`idee fixe;. Andante amoroso. (1846) S.395
Grand Symphonic Fantasia for piano and orchestra on Berlioz`s `Lelio` S.120
(Berlioz) Piano transcription of the overture Secret Judges (1833) S.471
Marsh of Pilgrims from the symphony Harold in Italy by Berlioz (1862) S.473
Piano transcription of Harold in Italy by Berlioz S.472
(Berlioz) Danse des Silphes de `La Damnation de Faust`(1860) S.475
Transcription of Ouverture du `Roi Lear` by Berlioz (1833) S.474
Piano transcription of Fantastique Symphonie by Berlioz S.470
Cadenza to Piano Concerto 3 by Beethoven S.389a
Capriccio on the Turkish-style of the theme of Beethoven (The Ruins of Athens) (1846-47) S.388
(Beethoven) Fantasia on a Theme of The Ruins of Athens by Beethoven S.122
(Beethoven) Piano transcription of six spiritual songs op.48 (1840) S467 S.467
Piano transcription of Symphony No.1 by Beethoven S.464 1
Piano transcription of Symphony No.2 by Beethoven S.464 2
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 3 S.464 3
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 4 S.464 4
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 5 S.464 5
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 6 S.464 6
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 6 (first version) S.463b
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 7 S.464 7
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 7 (first version) S.463d
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 8 S.464 8
Piano transcription of Beethoven`s Symphony 9 S.464 9
(Beethoven) Piano transcription of the songs on the words of Goethe (1849) S468 S.468
Piano Transcription of the Funeral March of Beethoven`s Symphony 3 S.463e
(Beethoven) Piano transcription of An die ferne Geliebte. Liederkreis. Op. 98 (1849) S.469
(Beethoven) Piano Arrangement of Grand Septet, Op. 20 (1840) S.465
(Beethoven) Adelaida S.466
(Wagner) Festspiel und Brautlied (Prelude to Act 3 and Bridal Chorus) from the opera Lohengrin (1854) S446/1i S.446/1i
Paraphrase on Themes from Wagner`s opera The Mastersingers of Nuremberg
Fantasy on themes from Wagner`s Rienzi, S.439 S.439
Piano transcription of Ballad of the Flying Dutchman by Wagner S.441
Transcription of , du mein holder Abendstern from Wagner`s Tannhauser (1849) S.444
Piano transcription of Isolda`s Liebestod from Wagner`s `Tristan and Isolda` S.447
Piano transcription of the Solemn march to the Holy Grail from Wagner`s `Parsifal` S.450
Piano transcription of the overture from Wagner`s `Tannhäuser` S.442
Piano transcription of the Spinning chorus from Wagner`s `The Flying Dutchman` S.440
Piano Transcription of Am stillen Herd aus den Meistersingern by Wagner S.448
Piano transcription of Valhalla. Excerpt from trilogy of Der Ring des Nibelungen by Wagner (1876) S.449
Piano transcriptions from Wagner`s `Lohengrin` and `Tannhäuser` S.445
(Wagner) Pilgrim`s Chorus from the opera Tannhauser (1860, 1885) S.443ii
Chor der jüngeren Pilger S.676, 1
Schlummerlied von . M. v. Weber mit Arabesken by Weber (1848) S.454
(Carl Maria von Weber) Polonaise Brilliant, Op. 72 (1849) S.367
Fantasia on a Theme from Der Freischütz by Weber S.451
Transcription of Leyer und Schwert by Weber (1846) S.452
(Weber) Piano transcription of the overture to the opera `Der Freischutz` (1846) S.575
Piano transcription of the overture to the opera `Oberon` by Weber (1843) S.574
Transcription of Einsam bin ich, nicht alleine by Weber (1848) S.453
Memories of the opera Simon Boccanegra by Verdi (1857, 1881) S.438
Concert Paraphrase on Ernani by Verdi S.413a
Paraphrase on the `Miserere` from the opera `Il Trovatore` by Verdi S.433
`Salve Maria` Arrangement of Giselda`s prayer from the opera `Lombardi alla prima crociata` by Giuseppe Verdi S.431
Don Carlos. Transcription. Coro di festa e marcia funebre S.435
Paraphrases on Verdi`s opera S.434
Danza sacra e duetto finale dAida S.436
(Verdi) Agnus Dei from Requiem (1877) S.437
Piano transcription of the Holy dance and the final duet from the opera `Aida ` by Verdi (1879) S.436
Transcription of Vielgorski`s romance I Loved (1843) S.577
(Halevy) Memories of the Opera `Yid `(Daughter of Cardinal, 1834-35) S.409a
Sarabande and Chaconne from the opera `Almira` by Handel S.181
Marcia Circassa tratta dall`opera Russlan e Ludmilla di Glinka S.406
(Goldschmidt) Transcription of love scene and Wheel of Fortune from the oratorio The Seven Deadly Sins. (1880) S.490
Transcription of Septet Op. 74 by Hummel (1848) S.493
(Gounod) Hymne a Sainte Cecile (1866) S.491
Transcription of Les Adieux by Gounod`s Romeo and Juliet (1867) S.409
Piano transcription of waltz from `Faust` by Gounod S.407
Transcription of Les Sabiennes from Gounod`s Queen of Sheba (1865) S.407
Tarantella of Dargomyzhsky, treatment for two hands by Franz Liszt S.483
(Dessauer) Piano transcription of songs (1846) S485 S.485
Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli for piano S.147
Waltz-Caprice on the operas of G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor and Parisina
Recollection of Donizetti`s `Lucia di Lammermoor` S.397
(Donizetti) Memories of the opera `Lucrezia Borgia`. Grand Fantasia 1. Trio from Act 2 (1841) S.400/1
(Donizetti) Memories of the opera `Lucrezia Borgia`. Grand Fantasia 2. Drinking song-duo-final (1848) S.400/2
Transcription of Nuits d`ete a Pausilippe. Les soirees italiennes by Donizetti (1838) S.399
Transcription of the Funeral March from the opera Don Sebastian by Donizetti (1844) S.402
(Donizetti) Fantasy based on the opera `Lucrezia Borgia` (1840) S399a S.399a
Transcription of Spirto gentil from the opera La Favorite by Donizetti (1840)
(Donizetti) Piano transcription of Marsh and Cavatina from `Lucia di Lammermoor` (1841) S.398
(Lassen) Piano transcription of Ich weil in tiefer Einsamkeit, 1872 S.495
(Lassen) Piano transcription of Lase, Himmel, meine Seele, 1866 S.494
Piano transcription of music for Nibelungs of Hebbel and Faust of Goethe by Lassen (1878-79) S.496
Piano transcription of Symphony intermezzo to the play of Calderon Love is Above All, by Lassen (1882) S.497
Regina coeli laetare S.663
(Lessmann) Piano transcription of Drei Lieder aus Jul. Wolffs `Tannheuser`, 1882 S.498
(Meyerbeer) Le Moine (1842) S416 S.416
(Meyerbeer) Memories of the opera Les Huguenots (1842) S.412ii
Réminiscences de `Robert le Diable` (Meyerbeer) S.413
(Meyerbeer) Illustrations for the opera `L`Africaine` (1865) S.415
Illustrations du `Prophète` (Meyerbeer) for piano S.414
(Meyerbeer) Festmarsch zu Schillers 100 jahriger Geburtsfeier (1860) S549 S.549
Fantasia and Fugue on the chorale theme from The Prophet by Meyerbeer
Aria Jerusalem, die du toetest den Propheten by Mendelssohn for Voice and Organ
Transcription of Songs without Words by Mendelssohn (Op. 30, 1) for violin and organ
Transcription of Wasserfahrt und Der Jager Abschied by Mendelssohn (1848) S.548
(Mendelssohn) Piano transcription of songs (1840) S.547
Piano transcription of Mendelssohn`s Wedding March and Dance of the Fairies from the music to Shakespeare`s `A Midsummer Night`s Dream` S.410
Soirees italiennes. Six entertainments for Piano on motifs of Mercadante. (1838) S.411
Ave verum corpus S.674d
(Mozart) Ave verum corpus. S.461a
Recollection of Mozart`s opera `Don Giovanni` S.418
Fantasia on 2 themes from `Le nozze di Figaro` by Mozart S.697
(Mozart) Piano transcription of Der, welcher wandelt diese Strasse from the opera `Die Zauberflote` (1870) S.634a
(Mozart) Confutatis Lacrimosa from Requiem (1865) S.550
Fantasia on Hungarian opera `Lovely Ilonka` by Mosoni (1867) S.417
(Aubert) Memories of the opera `Bride` (1842) S.385iii
Tarantelle di bravura dàprès la Tarantelle de `La Muette de Portici` (Auber) S.386
6 Études d`exécution transcendante d`après Paganini for piano S.140
Grandes Études de Paganini S.141
(Pacini) Grand Fantasia on the motifs of `Niobe` (1835-36) S.419
(Raff) March from the opera `King Alfred` (1853) S.421/2
(Raff) Final andante from the opera `King Alfred` (1853) S.421/1
Sept Variations brillantes dur un thème de G. Rossini S.149
Transcription of La Pastorella delVAlpi li Marinari by Rossini (1835-36) S.423
Transcription of La Serenata et VOrgia by Rossini (1835-36) S.422
Transcription of Soirees musicales by Rossini (1837) S.424
Impromptu brilliant on themes By Rossini & Spontini S.150
(Rossini) Overture to William Tell S.552
(Rossini) Arias from Stabat Mater and La charite S.553
Transcription of `Largo ai factotum` from the opera by G. Rossini `Barber of Seville`
(Rubinstein) Piano transcription of song `Asra` op. 32. (1880) S.554/2
(Rubinstein) Piano transcription of song `Oh, if ever it was` op. 34. (1880) S.554/1
Piano transcription of Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre op. 40 S.555
(Franz) Piano trascription of Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen (1848) S.488
(Franz) Piano transcription of Schilflieder (1848) S.489
(Franz) Piano transcription of three songs (1848) S.489
(Franz) Piano transcription of four songs (1848) S.489
Piano transcription of Polonaise from `Eugene Onegin` by Tchaikovsky S.429
Prelude S.662, 1
Prelude S.662, 2
Chopin: Sechs polnische Lieder op. 74 S.480
Transcription of Die Rose by Spor (1876) S.571
(Schubert) Soirees de Vienne. Valses caprices d`apras Schubert (1852) S.427
(Schubert) Hungarian Melodies (1838-39) S.425
Schuberts Marsche S.426
Fantasia on a Theme of Wanderer by Schubert (1851) S.366
(Schubert) Piano transcription of cycle `Winterreise` (1839) S.561
(Schubert) Piano transcription of cycle `Swansong `(1838-39) S.560
(Schubert) Piano transcription of four melodies (1840) S.562
(Schubert) Piano transcription of six tunes (1844) S.563
Piano transcription of Ständchen (after No. 4 from Schwanengesang by Schubert, D957) S.560
Piano transcription of Schubert, 12 Lieder (1838) S.558
Piano transcriptions of songs by Schubert
(Clara Schumann) Piano transcription of songs (1872) S.569
(Schumann) Piano transcription of songs (1861) S.567
(Schumann) Piano transcription of songs (1872) S.569
Piano transcription of Schumann`s `Liebeslied (Widmung)` S.566
(Schumann) Piano transcription of Fruhlingsnacht` (1872) S.568
(Schumann) Piano transcription of Provencal song op.139 (1881) S.570
Schwanenge sang und Marsch aus `Hunyadi Laszlo`by Erkel (1847) S.405
Eleven Chorales arranged for Piano (1870) S.504b
12 Etudes S.136
12 Etudes d`execution transcendente (1851) S.139
2 Vortragsstücke S.268
2 Concert Studies S.145
2 Polonaises S.223
2 piano pieces S.189
Kirchenhymnen S.669
24 Grandes Études S.137
3 Sonetti di Petrarca S.158 S.158
3 Études de Concert S.144
3 nocturnes ("Dreams of Love") S.541
3 songs from Schiller`s `Wilhelm Tell` for voice and piano S.292
Tre sonetti di Petrarca for voice and piano S.270
5 Variations on a theme from Mehul`s Joseph [Attributed to Liszt, but by FX Mozart] S.147a
Five little piano pieces (for Baroness von Meyendorff) S.192
8 Variations on an original theme S.148
Album of princess Marie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (1847) S.166
`Allegro di Bravura`, Op.4 1 S.151
Alleluja. From `Cantico del Sol di San Francesco d`Assisi`. (1862) S.183
Andante religioso S.261a
`Apparitions` for piano S.155
Arbeiterchor for male choir, bass and piano (1848) S.552
Aus der Ungarischen Kronungsmesse (1867) S.501
Ave maris stella S. 34, 2
Piano piece `Berceuse` S.174
Cantico del sol di Francesco d`Assisi S.665
Cantico del Sol di San Francesco (1881) S499 S.499
Carrousel de Madame P-N. S.214a
Celebre melodie hongroise (1866) S.243a
Das Lied der Begeisterung, for male choir and baritone (1871) R561 R561
De profundis, Instrumental Psalm for piano and orchestra (1834-1835) S.691
Die drei Zigeuner, for Violin and Piano (1864) S.383
Duo (Sonate), for Violin and Piano (1835) S.127
Einleitung, Fuge und Magnificat S.672b
Excelsior S.666
Galop de Bal for piano S.220
Grand Duo concertant sur la romance de M. Lafont `Le marin` (1835, 1849) S.128
Grosses Konzertsolo (1849) S176 S.176
il m`aimait tant! (1843) S533 S.533
In domum Domini ibimus S.671
In festo transfigurationis Domini nostri Jesu Christi (1880) S.188
Inno a Maria Vergine for mixed choir and organ (1869)
La Lugubre Gondola for piano S.200
La lugubre gondole ``Troisième élégie`` (Third Elegy) - for cello and piano (1882-85) S.134
La Notte, for Violin and Piano (1864-65) S.377a
Le forgeron, for male choir and piano (1845) R548 R548
Legendes de San Francesco (version orchestrale) (1863, pub. 1975 ed. F.G.Zeileis) S.113a
Licht! Mehr Licht! for male choir (1849) R552 R552
L`hymne du Pape (1865) S.530
`Malediction` for piano and strings S.121
Missa choralis, organo concinente for mixed choir and organ S. 10
Mosonyis Grabgeleit (1870) S.194
Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth - for cello and piano S.382
`Nuages gris` for piano S.199
O sacrum convivium S.674a
Ora pro nobis S.262
Paraphrase de concert sur Ernani II S.432
Pastorale. Schnitterchor aus dem `Entfesselten Prometheus` (1861) S.508
Pater noster for mixed chorus and organ (1869)
Pensees `Nocturne` (1845) S.168b
Pio IX S.261
Preludes et Harmonies poetiques et religieuses (1845-46) S.171d
R. W.- Venezia. (R. Wagner, 1883) S.201
Recueillement, for piano S.204
Romance oubliée (Forgotten Romance) for Viola (Violin or Cello) and piano (1880) S.132
`Romance oubliee` for piano S.527
Romancero espagnol (1845) S.695c
Rondo di Bravura Op.4 No.2 S.152
Sacred Festival Overture On the Chorale `Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott`
Salve Regina S. 66
San Francesco. Preludio per il cantico del Sol di San Francesco (1880) S499 S.499
Sancta Dorothea (1877) S.187
Schlaflos, Frage und Antwort, for piano S.203 S.203
Sospiri (1879) S.192/5
Tantum ergo for female chorus and organ (1869)
Tristia, transcription of `La Vallee d`Obermannn` for violin, violoncello and piano S.723c
Trois Chansons (1852) S.510a
Trois Odes funebre. Le Triomphe funebre du Tasse (1866) S517 S.517
Trois Odes funebres. La Notie (1864) S699 S.699
Trois Odes funebres. Les Morts. Orais (1860) S516 S.516
Ungarisches Konigslied. S.544
Unstern. Sinistre. S.208
Urbi et orbi (1864) S.184
Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe (1881) S512 S.512
Zigeuner-Epos (1848) S.695
`Zum Andenken` 2 Hungarian Recruiting Dances S.241
Ave Maria S. 20
Ave Maria for the piano school of Lebert and Stark (The Bells of Rome), E-dur S.182
Adagio in C major (1841) S.158d
Bagatelle without tonality for piano S.216a
Bells of Strasbourg Cathedral, ballad for soloists, choir and orchestra (1874) S. 6
Ballade No.1 in Des-dur (1845-48) S.170
Ballade No.2 in h-moll (1853) S.171
Great Concert Fantasia on the Spanish Themes S.253
Grand Galop chromatique S.219
Waltz in A-dur S.208a
Waltz in Es-dur S.209a
Valse Impromptu S.213
Variationen über ein Motiv (basso ostinato) aus der Kantate `Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen`, und dem `Crucifixus`, der h-Moll Messe von J. S. Bach S.673
Hungarian Coronation Mass S. 11
Hungarian Rhapsody in E Minor (orchestral version) S.359/5
Hungarian Rhapsody in D Major (orchestral version) S.359/6
Hungarian Rhapsody in d-moll (orchestra version) S.359/2
Hungarian Rhapsody in d-moll (orchestra version) S.359/4
Hungarian Rhapsody in Des-dur (orchestra version) S.359/3
Hungarian Rhapsody in f-moll (orchestra version) S.359/1
Hungarian Rhapsody 1 E major S.244 1
Hungarian Rhapsody 2 in C sharp minor S.244 2
Hungarian Rhapsody 3 in B flat major S.244 3
Hungarian Rhapsody 4 in E-flat Major S.244 4
Hungarian Rhapsody 5 in e minor S.244 5
Hungarian Rhapsody 6 Des-dur S.244 6
Hungarian Rhapsody 7 in D minor S.244 7
Hungarian Rhapsody 8 F-sharp minor S.244 8
Hungarian Rhapsody 9 in E-flat major `Carnival of Pest` S.244 9
Hungarian Rhapsody 10 E major S.244 10
Hungarian Rhapsody 11 A minor S.244 11
Hungarian Rhapsody 12 in C sharp minor S.244 12
Hungarian Rhapsody 13 in A minor S.244 13
Hungarian Rhapsody 14 in F minor S.244 14
Hungarian Rhapsody 15 in A minor S.244 15
Hungarian Rhapsody 16 in A major S.244 16
Hungarian Rhapsody 17 S.244 17
Hungarian Rhapsody 18 in A major S.244 18
Hungarian Rhapsody 19 in D minor S.244 19
Historical Hungarian Portraits (1870-86) S.205
March Hongroise for piano S.233b
Hungarian March in B-dur (1859) S.229a
Venice and Naples (1840) S.159
Années de pèlerinage I: Suisse S.160
Années de pèlerinage II: Venezia e Napoli S.162
Années de pèlerinage II: Italy S.161
Années de Pèlerinage III S.163
4 valses oubliée for piano S.215
Die Legende von der Heiligen Elisabeth S.663a
Rhapsody espagnole for piano S.254
La Campanella
Prometheus, cantata (1857) S.539
Klavierstuck in As-dur S.192/2
Klavierstuck in As-dur S.192/4
Klavierstuck in E-dur S.192/1
Klavierstuck in Fis-dur S.192/3
Klavierstück Fis-dur S.193
Wiegenlied (Chant de berceau) S.198
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in Es-dur (1830-55) S.124
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.2 in A-dur (1839, 1848-61) S.125
Concerto for piano and orchestra No.3 in Es-dur S.125a (LW Q6)
Ländler for piano As-dur S.211
St. Cecilia, legend for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra (1874) S. 5
Légendes for piano S.175
Feuille d`album 1 As-dur S.165
Feuille d`album 2 a-moll S.167
Albumblatt E-dur S.164
Magnificat for Piano (1862) S.182a
Missa pro organo lectarum celebrationi missarum adjumento inserviens, S.264 S.264
Mephisto Waltz 1 S.514
Mephisto Waltz 2 for orchestra S.111
Mephisto Waltz 2 for piano S.515
Mephisto Waltz 3 S.216
Mephisto Waltz 4 S.216b
Mephisto Polka S.217
At the Grave of Richard Wagner S.202
En Reve, nocturne S.207
Der nachtliche Zug, an Episode of `Faust` by Lenau S.110/1
, heilige Nacht, for tenor, choir and organ (1875)
Don Sancho, or Castle of Love, opera S. 1
Oratorio `Via Crucis` for mixed chorus, soloists and organ (piano) S. 53
Christus, oratorio for soloists, mixed chorus, orchestra and organ S. 3
Die Legende von der Heiligen Elisabeth, S.2 (1857-62) S. 2
Concerto pathetique for 2 pianos S.258
Pathetic Concerto for piano and orchestra ( 4) in E Minor (1885-86) S.365a
Vierstimmige Mannergesange. (1841) S.542
Songs `Wartburg-Lieder` for soloists, choir and orchestra S.345
Freudvoll und leidvoll S.468 2
Mignons Lied S.468
Song `Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh` for voice and piano S.306
Song `Anfangs wollt ich fast verzagen` for voice and piano S.311
Song `Angiolin dal biondo crin` for voice and piano S.269
Bist du! poem by Prince Elim Meshchersky (1844) S.277
Song `Blume und Duft` for voice and piano S.324
Song `Comment, disaient-ils` for voice and piano S.276
Song `Der du von dem Himmel bist` for voice and piano S.279
Song `Der Glückliche` for voice and piano S.334
Song `Der traurige Mönch` for reciter and piano S.348
Song `Des Tages laute Stimmen schweigen` for voice and piano S.337
Song `Die drei Zigeuner` for voice and piano S.320
Song `Die Fischertochter` S.325
Song `Die Loreley` for voice and piano S.273
Song `Die stille Wasserrose` for voice and piano S.321
Song `Die Vätergruft` for voice and piano S.371
`Die Vätergruft` S.281
Song `Du bist wie eine Blume` for voice and piano by Heinrich Heine S.287
Song `Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam` for voice and piano S.309
Song `Enfant, si j`étais roi` for voice and piano S.283
Song `Es muss ein Wunderbares sein` for voice and piano S.314
Song `Es rauschen die Winde` for voice and piano S.294
Song `Gastibelza` for voice and piano S.286
Song `Gestorben war ich` for voice and piano S.308
Song `Hohe Liebe` for voice and piano S.307
Ich liebe dich, 1862 S.315
Song `Ich möchte hingehn` for voice and piano S.296
`Ihr Auge` S.310
Song `Ihr Glocken von Marling` (, ) for voice and piano S.328
Song `Im Rhein, im schönen Strome` for voice and piano by Heinrich Heine S.272
Song `In Liebeslust` for voice and piano S.318
Song `J`ai perdu ma force et ma vie (Tristesse)` for voice and piano S.327
Song `Kling leise, mein Lied` for voice and piano S.301
Song `La Tombe et la Rose` for voice and piano S.285
Song `Lasst mich ruhen` for voice and piano S.317
Song `Le Vieux Vagabond` for voice and piano S.304
Song `Morgens steh` ich auf und frage` for voice and piano by Heinrich Heine S.290
Song `O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst` for voice and piano S.298
Song `Oh! Quand je dors` for voice and piano S.282
Song `Schwebe, schwebe, blaues Auge` for voice and piano S.305
Song `S`il est un charmant gazon` for voice and piano S.284
Song `Vergiftet sind meine Lieder` for voice and piano by Heinrich Heine S.289
Song `Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen aß` for voice and piano S.297
Song `Wie singt die Lerche schön` for voice and piano S.312
Song `Wieder möcht` ich dir begegnen` for voice and piano S.322
Wo weilt er? S.295
Und sprich S.329
Die todte Nachtigall S.291
Jugendglück S.323
Es war ein König in Thule S.278
`Totentanz`. Paraphrase on the `Dies Irae` for piano and orchestra S.126
Orpheus, Poem in the author transcription for organ
Prelude and Fugue for Organ on B-A-C-H S.260
Szozat und Hymnus S.353
Psalm No.13 for tenor, chorus and orchestra S. 13
Psalm 116 for male and mixed chorus (1869)
Psalm 137 `An den Wassern zu Babylon` (1859)
Klavierstück aus der Bonner Beethoven-Kantate S.507
Requiem für die Orgel S.266
Requiem for soloists, chorus, organ and percussion S. 12
Weihnachtsbaum. Arbre de Noel 12 piano pieces S.186
Romance S. 169 S.169
Symphonic poem No. 1 `e qu n entehd sur l montagn` (1847-57) S. 95
Symphonic poem No. 2 `Tasso, Lamento e Trionfo` (1849-54) S. 96
Symphonic poem No. 3 `Les Préludes` (1848-54) S. 97
Symphonic poem No. 4 `Orpheus` (1853-54) S. 98
Orpheus S.672a
Symphonic poem No. 5 `Prometheus` (1850, 1855) S. 99
Symphonic poem No. 6 `Mazeppa` (1851) S.100
Symphonic poem No. 7 `Festklänge`(1853) S.101
Symphonic poem No. 8 `Héroïde funèbre` (1850-1854) S.102
Symphonic poem No. 9 `Hungaria` (1854) S.103
Symphonic poem 10 `Hamlet` S.104
Symphonic poem No.11 `Hunnenschlacht` (1857) S.105
Symphonic poem No.12 `Die Ideale` (1857) S.106
Symphonic poem No.13 `From the Cradle to the Grave` (1881-82) S.107
Dante-Symphony S.109
Scherzo in G minor S.153
Scherzo and March for piano S.177
Piano Sonata in h-moll (1852-53) S.178
Sonata-Fantasy after Dante reading S.161, 7
Technical Studies (12 books) for piano S.146
Toccata S.197a
Funeral Prelude and March for piano S.206
Fantasia and Fugue on the theme B-A-C-H S.529
Fantasy and Fugue on the chorale `Ad nos, ad salutarem undam` for organ S.259
Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Themes for piano and orchestra S.123
Rondeau fantastique sur un thème espagnol El Contrabandista S.252
Faust-Symphony for tenor, men`s chorus and orchestra S.108
Piano duo `Héroïde funèbre` S.642
Fur Mannergesang, for male choir, R560 R560
Csárdás macabre for piano S.224
Parts of Compositions
Nocturne in Fis-dur S.191
Elegy on the themes of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia S.168
Elégie Die Zelle im Nonnenwerth for piano S.534
Elegy 1 for Piano S.196
Élégie No. 1 for cello and piano (1874) S.130
Élégie No. 2 for violin or cello and piano (1877) S.131
Élégie No. 2 for piano (1877) S.197
Epithalam zu Eduard Remenyis Vermahlungsfeier (1872) S.526
A study for piano `Mazeppa` S.138
Évocation à la chapelle Sixtine S.658
`Évocation à la chapelle Sixtine` (orchestra version) S.360
Évocation à la Chapelle Sixtine (1862-65) S.461
Ave Maria d`Arcadelt S.659
Ave Maria, for organ S.667c
Le triomphe funèbre du Tasse, Epilogue to the symphonic poem `Tasso` S.112/3
`Mignons Lied`, for voice and piano S.275
`Nun danket alle Gott` S.674c
Slavimo slavno, Slaveni! S.668
Weimars Volkslied S.672, 1
Ungarns Gott S.674
Ungarns Gott S.543
En re;ve. Nocturne. (1885) S.207
Harmonies poétiques et religieuses for piano S.173
Gebet (1879) S265 S.265
Abschied - Russisches Volkslied (1885) S.251
Resignazione S.187a
Resignazione (1877) S187b S.187b
Der blinde Sanger (1878) S.542a
Am Grabe Richard Wagners S.267
Consolations S.672d
`Consolations` for piano S.172
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