Gustav Adolf Merkel


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10 Preludes for Organ
10 preludes and postludes for organ
10 Lightweight Fughettes for organ
12 Organ Pieces
12 Fugues for Organ
2 Andantes for Organ
2 Rondos for Piano
20 Preludes for Organ
25 Easy and Short Chorale Preludes for organ
3 sound pictures for piano
3 Charakterstücke for piano
30 pedal etudes for organ (1885)
4 Albumblätter for piano
4 Bagatellen for piano
4 Organ Trios
4 Pieces for Piano
6 organ pieces
8 Organ Pieces
9 Easy Organ Preludes for organ
Spring and Song, 5 Klavierstücke
Evening celebration, Notturno for piano
Genre Pictures, 4 pieces for piano
Dream Picture, Idylle for piano
Tonblüthen, 4 pieces for piano
Adagio in the free style for Organ
Adagio for violin and organ
Andante in E-flat major for Organ
Arioso for cello and organ (or piano)
Barcarole for piano
Polonaise brillante for Piano
Variationen über ein Thema von Beethoven for Organ
Double Fugue in A minor for Organ
Marche Religieuse for Organ WoO 1
Introduction and Double Fugue in A minor for Organ
Introduction and Passacaglia in B minor Op.178
Organ Trio in D major
Polonaise in E major for Piano
Piano Pieces
Christmas Pastorale for Organ
Rondo in D major for Piano
Serenade in A major for piano
Organ Sonata No.2
Organ Sonata No.3 in C minor
Organ Sonata No.4 in F minor
Organ Sonata No.5 in D minor
Organ Sonata No.6
Organ Sonata No.7 in A minor
Organ Sonata No.8 in B minor
Organ Sonata No.9 in C minor
Orgelsonate in d-moll fur 4 Hande und 4 Fure
Fantasia 5 in D Minor Op. 176
Choral-studien for Organ
Chorale Prelude `Adorn Me, O Love Soul` for Organ WoO 5
Organ School (1884)
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