Francois-Joseph Naderman


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2 Recüeil de Romances for vocal and harp
3 Duos for Harp and Piano op. 51
3 Romances for voice and harp (or piano)
3 Serenades for Harp and Horn op. 64
6 Romances for Voice and Piano (harp)
7 Sonates progressives for harp op. 92
7 Etuden for harp
Nocturne n 2 for harp and bassoon
Nocturne n 3 for harp and bassoon
Sul margine d`un Rio, Air with Variations for harp
Souvenirs de Dieppe, 4 songs op. 86
The Departure of the Grenadier, Thème varié for harp op. 65
As soon as the Light, Air with variations for harp
Charming Gabrielle, Air with Variations for harp
The good king Dagobert, Air with Variations for harp
Variations on Partant pour la Syrie by Hortense de Beauharnais for harp
Variations on Pleasing love by Martini for harp
Divertimento in E-flat major for harp
Duo for 2 Harps
Duet for the Harp and Piano
Duo for Harp and Piano op. 34
Duo for Harp and Piano `Les Regrets` op. 30
Introduction and Variations on `Pauvre Jacques` for harp
Collection of various known tunes for harp op. 37
Collection of varied tunes for harp op. 21
Trio concertans pour harpe, piano, et violon op. 16
Nocturne for Flute and Harp
Nocturne and Variations for Harp and Violin
Some glory a lot of love, song for Voice and Piano or Harp
Pot-pouri No.2 for harp
Pot-pouri No.3 for harp
Portuguese Air with Variations for harp
Le départ, Romance for vocal and piano
Suites for Harp op. 45
Tyrolesian Air for harp
Fantasy and variations on Otello`s romance by Rossini for harp op. 59
Fantasy for on the air `O Pescator` for harp op. 52/1
Etudes and preludes for harp op. 57
Studies, Features and Exercises for harp op. 93
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