Isidor Philipp

ISIDOR PHILIPP (1863–1958)

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10 Piano Exercises-studies in double notes
2 Valse-Caprices on Themes of Schubert for piano
2 Concert Studies after Chopin`s for piano op. 25/6
22 Exercises to strengthen the fingers
4 Valse-Caprices on themes of Strauss for piano
5 Short pieces for piano op. 50
6 Concert Studies for piano
Trois études de concert en doubles notes (Three Concert Studies in double notes), Op. 56
Perpetuum mobile, Velocity study for piano
Impressions and Memories, 9 pieces for piano (1914-18) op. 57
Pastels, pieces for piano op. 24
Fantasmagories, 6 pieces for piano
Féerie, Petite suite pour piano
Figurines, 5 pieces for piano (1908) op. 43
The Elf, piece for piano
Ranges in double notes for piano
Gammes et Arpèges for piano
Finger Gymnastics op. 60
Daily Technical Exercise for piano
Caprices-etudes en octaves for piano
Intermedes de Concert for piano
Album sheets for piano
Album Leaf for piano
Gammes majeures et mineures for piano
Some easy exercises for piano op. 53
School of Octave-Playing for piano
Octave studies after J.S. Bach for piano (1910) op. 53
Exercices pratiques for pianists
Technical studies for use in piano higher education
Velocity Exercises for piano
Exercises for Independence of the Fingers
Exercises in Extension for the Fingers for piano
Exercises for the higher pianoforte technic
Exercises and technical studies for the left hand
Middle Strength Exercises for piano
School of Double Notes for piano
School of the Mechanism for piano
School of Technic for the Pianoforte
Impromptu for Piano op.100
Elemntary Rhythmic Exercises for the Five Fingers
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