Manuel Ponce

MANUEL PONCE (1882–1948)

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24 Preludes for Guitar
Four Pieces for Guitar
Six Short Preludes for Guitar (c. 1947)
Allegro moderato
Archaic Serenade (1917)
Baletto for Guitar
Chapultepec (Tres bocelos sinfónicos-1929 rev.1934)
Come, oh Moon!
Cuban Dance
Cuban Prelude
Cuban Rhapsody
Cuban Suite: Marine Serenade/Full Moon/Peace at Twilight
Danse des anciens mexicains
Estampas Nocturnas (1923)
Four Mexican Dances (1941)
Four Piano Pieces (Bitonal Suite)
Frivolous Serenade
Instantaneas Mexicanas
Intermezzo No. 2
Legend (1905)
Mayan Scherzino (1919)
Mazurka (c. 1928)
Mazurka No. 1 in F minor
Mazurka No. 2 in C sharp minor
Mazurka No. 3 in F minor
Mazurka No. 4 in F sharp minor
Mazurka No. 5 in C sharp minor
Mazurka No. 6 in D minor
Mazurka No. 7 in F sharp minor
Mazurka No. 8 in C sharp minor
Mazurka No. 9 in G minor
Mazurka No. 10 in C sharp minor
Mazurka No. 11 in A minor
Mazurka No. 12 in B minor
Mazurka No. 13 in F minor
Mazurka No. 14 in D flat major
Mazurka No. 15 in C minor
Mazurka No. 16 in B flat minor
Mazurka No. 17 in E minor
Mazurka No. 18 in E minor
Mazurka No. 19 in C sharp minor
Mazurka No. 23 in A minor
Mexican Barcarole ``Xochimilco`` (1916)
Mexican Dance
Mexican Lullaby ``La rancherita`` (1909)
Mexican Prelude ``Cielito lindo`` (ca. 1913)
Mexican Prelude ``Cuiden su vida``
Mexican Rhapsody No. 1 (1911)
Mexican Rhapsody No. 2 (1914)
Mexican Serenade ``Alevantate``
Momento Doloroso (Sorrowful Moment) (1929) - for piano
Nocturne No. 1 (1906)
Nocturne No. 2 (1906)
Prelude and Fugue for the Left Hand (1929)
Romantic Serenade (1948)
Salon Mazurka in E major
Salon Mazurka in F major
Scherzino to Claude A. Debussy (1912)
Second Sonata (1918)
Sonatine (1932)
The Elegy of the Absence
Tropico for Guitar
Twenty Easy Pieces (1937)
Two Etudes
Varied Mexican Theme (1912)
Xochimilco - for piano
``Estrellita`` Concert Metamorphose
`Classical Sonata`
`Mexican` Sonata (1923)
Homenaje a Tarrega
`Romantic Sonata` (1929)
Sonatina meridional
Southern Concert (Concierto del Sur)
Waltz for Guitar
Variations on a theme of `Foil`
Variations on a Theme of Cabezon
Gavotte for Orchestra
Intermezzo "Melancholic"
Violin Concerto
Piano Concerto (1912)
Mazurka for Guitar
Petite Suite dans le Style Ancien
Mexican Ballad (1915)
Mexican Serenade
Mexican Scherzino (ca. 1919)
Preludes for Guitar and Harpsichord
Preludio in E major
Prelude and Allegro
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Sonata for guitar & Harpsichord
Sonata for Guitar 3
Sonate a Duo for Violin & Viola
String Quartet
Suite for Guitar a-moll (in the style of S.L.Weiss)
Suite for Guitar in D major
Theme, variations and finale for Guitar
Fragments and Parts of Works
Poema Elegiaco (1935)
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