Leonid Rezetdinov


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Yurin-Murin, for soprano and piano, op. 5 (1983-. 1991)
Chamber Symphony No. 1, op. 23 (1989)
Merry Eyes, Suite for solo voices, children`s choir and a few percussion instruments, op. 26 (1989)
Piano Sonata 3 Aura, Op. 28 (1990-2008)
Dancing Shaman, Concert Suite for saxophone, percussion and folk orchestra, Op. 29 (1990)
Bess, Concert Fantasia on three themes of G. Gershwin for orchestra of folk instruments.
Curse of the Sun, concert fantasy for clarinet, synthesizer and symphony orchestra. op. 34 (1990)
Zharbog, cantata for mixed choir a cappella, poems by V. Khlebnikov (1991)
Symphony No. 2 (Planet Symphony) 1991
Lyric Suite of Alban Berg`s memory for string orchestra, op. 37 (1991)
The Interior Space, five pieces for clarinet, violin and piano, op. 38 (1991)
Wisp (jack-o`-lantern), American motifs on the themes by E. Mc-Dowell, Op. 40
Saturday Saviour for children`s choir a cappella, op. 41
The Infinity, a small symphony for piano quartet, op. 43, 1992-2009
Family Idyll, a quintet 2 on the drawings by H. Bidstrup, for wood-wind instruments, Op. 44 (1992)
Three Tragic Sonnets by William Shakespeare, op. 46 (1994)
Gardens of Earthly Delights, a string quartet 2, on the painting by J. Bosch, op. 48 (1995)
Small Moths, five pieces for flute, clarinet, violin and piano, Op. 49 (1996)
Bolero-Libero, op. 50 (1996)
Sonata-robusta for cello solo, Op. 51. (1997)
Jolly Train, children`s suite for two flutes, oboe, clarinet, piano and percussion, op. 53 (1998)
Chamber Symphony 3, Op.55. Moderm for Chamber orchesra (1999)
Circus Printinpram, kitsch-operetta for four soloists and chamber ensemble, Op. 57 (2002)
Little Worlds-II, brass quintet 2 on drawings of Kandinsky, Op. 59 (2004)
Symphony 3, Matrix for symphony orchestra. op. 61 (2005)
Jolly Train, suite for orchestra, op. 62 (2005)
Dancing salamanders - spirits of fire for solo flute, Op. 65 (2006)
French Suite by I. S. Bach for flute, violin, harp and chamber orchestra, Op. 68 (2007)
Jungle, symphonic fantasy for orchestra, op. 69 (2007)
Weierstrass, seven mathematical sets for instrumental nonet, Op. 73 (2008)
Fantastic dancing dolls, ballet in 1 act, based on the `Dancing Dolls` by Shostakovich, Op. 74 (2008)
Four Rubais of Love by Omar Khayyam, for flute, oboe, clarinet and chamber orchestra, Op. 76 (2008)
Butterfly, fire, and wind for flute, saxophone and percussion, Op. 78 (2009)
Vot opyat okno... poem by M. Tsvetaeva, romance for soprano, harp, flute and bells, op. 79 (2009)
Sonata for Flute and Piano No. 2, Romantic, Op. 80
Petersburg Nocturnes, lyric suite for piano, op. 81 (2009)
Fireworks-Hanabi, Symphonic Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 84 (2010)
Black Monk, musical illustrations for the novel by A. Chekhov for flute (piccolo), clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion, Op. 85 (2010)
Three Russian Laments for female voice, flute, piccolo, clarinet, violin and some percussion instruments, Op. 87 (2011)
Andrei Rublev, symphonic fantasy, Op. 90 (2011)
Rock Toccata for String Orchestra (2011), op. 91
Perpetuum mobile XXI, Symphonic Etude for Orchestra, Op. 92 (2012)
Kleine Welten,12 improvisation after the engravings by V. Kandinsky, for piano, Op. 101
Time Lapse, for octet, 2014
The music for the documentary film `Favorite Movie of Stalin`
Taganskoye tango, the music for the documentary film
Music for the film `Journey to Happy Arabia`
`Vasilievsky Island`. Music for the film
Initiation into Love, music for film
Music for the film Insight (Blind Film)
`Need Old Clown`, Music for the play
`Women`s dreams of distant lands`. The music for the TV series
`The Streets of Broken Lamps`. The music for the TV series
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