Josef Gabriel Rheiberger


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Ten Trios for Organ op. 49
Drei lateinische Hymnen op. 96
Three Sacred chants op. 69
4 six-part motets op.133
Five Hymns op.140
5 Lieder op. 4
5 Trios for Organ op.189
Six Hymns op.118
Six pieces for Violine and Organ op.150
Sechs religiöse Gesänge op.157
Oster-Hymne op.134
Stabat Mater in g-moll for choir and orchestra (organ) op.138
Concerto for organ and orchestra No.1 in F-dur (1884) op.137
Concerto for organ and orchestra No.2 in g-moll (1884) op.177
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in As-dur op. 94
Mass in Es-dur `Cantus missae` op.109
Mass in g-moll for female choir and organ op.187
Messe in f-moll op.159
Monologues for organ op.162
Nonet in Es-dur op.139
Prelude and Fugue in c-moll JWV 16
Requiem in Es-dur op. 84
Requiem in d-moll op.194
Christmas Oratorio `Star of Bethlehem` (1890) op.164
Sextet in F-dur for Piano and Winds op.191b
Symphony No.1 in D Minor `Wallenstein` (1866) op. 10
Symphony No.2 in F major `Florentine` (1874) op. 87
Sonata for Horn and Piano in Es-dur op.178
Cello sonata in C-dur op. 92
Sonata for organ No. 1 in c-moll op. 27
Sonata for organ No. 2 in As-dur op. 65
Sonata for organ No. 3 in G-dur op. 88
Sonata for organ No. 4 in a-moll op. 98
Sonata for organ No. 5 in fis-moll op.111
Sonata for organ No. 6 in es-moll op.119
Sonata for organ No. 7 in f-moll op.127
Sonata for organ No. 8 in e-moll op.132
Sonata for organ No. 9 in b-moll op.142
Sonata for organ No.10 in h-moll op.146
Sonata for organ No.11 in d-moll op.148
Sonata for organ No.12 in Dis-dur (1888) op.154
Sonata for organ No.13 in Es-dur (1889) op.161
Sonata for organ No.14 in C-dur op.165
Sonata for organ No.15 in D-Dur op.168
Sonata for organ No.16 in gis-moll op.175
Sonata for organ No.17 in B-dur op.181
Sonata for organ No.18 in A-dur op.188
Sonata for organ No.19 in g-moll op.193
Sonata for organ No.20 in F-dur `Zur Friedensfeier` op.196
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 in Es-dur op. 77
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in e-moll op.105
String Quartet No.1 in C minor (1876) op. 89
String Quintet in a-moll op. 82
Suite for organ, violin and cello op.149
Suite for Violin and Organ in C-dur op.166
Thema mit Veränderungen op. 93
Piano Trio No.1 in d-moll op. 34
Piano Trio No.2 in A-dur op.112
Piano Trio No.3 in B-dur op.121
Piano Trio No.4 in F-dur op.191
Piano Quintet in C-dur op.114
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