Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov


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Two Songs op. 56
2 Romances (1897) op. 49
Two Romances (1970-76) op. 25
2 Female Choirs a capella op. 13
Two Choirs op. 18
Four Variations and Fugetta on the theme of Russian folk song `Tired of the Night` op. 14
4 Variations on the Chorale for String Quartet (without op., 1885)
Four Romances op. 2
Four Romances op. 4
Four Romances op. 3
Four Romances op. 7
Four Romances op. 26
Four Romances op. 27
Four Songs op. 40
Four Songs op. 42
4 Romances op. 39
Four Romances op. 50
Four Romances op. 55
Four Three-Voiced Choirs for Male Voices a cappella op. 23
5 Romances op. 51
Six Romances op. 8
Six Choirs a capplella op. 16
Songs op. 43
Seaside op. 46
Symphony No.2 fis-moll `Antar` op. 9
Vzyde Bog, the verse on Ascension
`Dubinushka` op. 62
`The Golden Cockerel`, concert suite of the opera
From Homer`s prelude-cantata op. 60
`Over the grave` Prelude in memory of M. Belyaev op. 61
Night on the Mount Triglav (concert transcription for orchestra of third act of the opera-ballet Mlada)
`The Night Before Christmas`, a suite of the opera
`Pan Voivod` suite of the opera op. 59
The Song of Oleg the Wise (1899), Cantata for Tenor, Baritone, Male Choir and Orchestra op. 58
`Flight of the Bumblebee`
`Sadko`, musical picture op. 5
`Light Festival` overture op. 36
`The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh`, musical scenes from the opera
`Fairy Tale` for symphony orchestra op. 29
`The Snow Maiden` Suite of the opera
The Song of Alexei, the man of God. 1878 op. 20
`Scheherazade`, symphonic suite (1888) op. 35
Allegro B-dur (from the collective String Quartet Friday, without op., 1899)
Variations for Oboe and Wind Orchestra
Five Songs op. 45
Two Duets op. 52
Capriccio Espagnol op. 34
Svitezyanka, Cantata on verses by Adam Mickiewicz (1897) op. 44
Quintet in B flat major for Piano, flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon (1876)
Concerto for Trombone and Wind Orchestra in B -dur (1877)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1883) op. 30
Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Orchestra
Musical pictures to the opera `The Tale of Tsar Saltan`, suite op. 57
Neapolitan Song op. 63
processing of Russian folk song
Snow Maiden, opera arias
Opera `Boyarin`a Vera Sheloga` (1898) op. 54
Opera `The Golden Cockerel` (1908)
Opera `Kashei the Immortal` (1901-1902)
Opera `May Night`
Opera `Mozart and Salieri` op. 48
Opera `Christmas Eve`
Opera `Pan Voyevoda`
Opera `The Maid of Pskov`
Opera `Sadko`
Opera `Sadko` (arias)
Opera `Servilia`
Opera `Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh`
Opera `The Tale of Tsar Saltan`
Opera `Snow Maiden` (1881)
Opera `The Tsar`s Bride`
Opera `Mlada`
Opera Overtures
Ballads, songs
I`m Walking With The Field Bindweed, Russian Folk Song, arr. by N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Serenade for Cello and Orchestra op. 37
Sinfonietta on Russian Themes op. 31
Symphony No.1 e-moll op. 1
Symphony No.3 C-dur op. 32
String Sextet -dur (1876)
Dragonflies Op. 53, for three sopranos, 1897 op. 53
Piano Trio in c-moll
Overture on Russian Themes op. 28
Fantasy on Russian Themes for violin and orchestra op. 33
Fantasia on Serbian themes op. 6
Piano Pieces op. 11
Parts of operas
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