Anton Rovner

ANTON ROVNER (Born 1970)

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Aleph Vav Mem
Andante Sostenuto for Piano
Ante Lucem 1.1.2000 for Flute Solo
Appel a deux, for French Horn and Saxophone
Jonny Spielt Auf for Bassoon Solo
Lied, for Clarinet
Moto Perpetuo for Piano
Musica Laconica
Paysages Trites
Precision, for Violin and Electronics
Sonata Enigmatica, for Guitar
Sonata Seria, for Piano
Spirals, for piccolo-flute, viola, double bass and piano
The Left Bank of the River for Countertenor, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano and Drums, poems by Eugene Richie
Three-Cornered Hat for Theremin, Basson and Fretless Guitar
Laus Trinitati for Organ
On the Other Side of Time and Spac,e for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Elegy for five cellos
Evening Bowed Branches
The Wilderness and the Dry Land shall Rejoice, and the Uninhabited Eearth shall Rejoice
Gilgamesh II for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, two violins, viola and cello
Engravings for clarinet and vibraphone
Movement in the Air
Road to Nowhere
Wind Quintet 3
Duet for Oboe and Bassoon
Duet for Clarinet and Trombone
Dawns on the Horizon for Violin Solo
Metamorphosis for Solo Violin
Monologue for Cello
Nocturne for Violin Solo
Fire Landscape
Chants and a Chorale for Piano
Song of Roland for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Birthday Greetings
Homage of Arnold Schoenberg
Dedication to Richard Strauss. Reminiscence on Electra
Prelude for Piano
Spots of Light
The Refrains for Violin Solo
Sacred Silence, poem by V. Nikitin
Why do not give you to sleep at night
I am a lizard (poem by D. Avaliani)
Through the Gloomy Calm
Contemplation, for Violin and Piano
Solo for Double Bass
String Quartet
Dance of Turtles, for Orchestra
Dance of the Turtles for Piano Six Hands
Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Violin
Fantasy for Harp
Chorale and Dance for Piano
Four Romances, poems by Arkady Rovner
Episodes for Piano
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