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Camille Saint-Saens (piano)

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Deux chœurs for mixed chorus with piano ad libitum op. 68
3 Preludes and Fugues for organ op.109
Three Preludes and Fufues for Organ op. 99
3 Rhapsody on a theme of Breton folk songs op. 7
Six Bagatelles for piano op. 3
Six Fugues for piano op.161
Six Etudes op.111
Six Etudes op. 52
Six Etudes for the Left Hand op.135
The seven improvisations for organ op.150
Nine pieces for organ or harmonium
Ave Maria in Fa for soprano and organ
Ave Verum in D for female choir, French horn and organ
Caprice sur les Airs de Ballet d`Alceste
Choeur de Sylphes for solo soprano, mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra (1852)
Deus Abraham in Fa for contralto, tenors and organ
Elevation ou Communion op. 13
Hymne Au Printemps op.138
Inviolata in Fa for female choir and organ (1857)
La Foi - 3 Tableaux Symphoniques op.130
La Jota aragonesa op. 64
Laudate Dominum
L`Assassinat du duc de Guise op.128
L`Attente for Oboe and Piano
L`Enlevement for Oboe and Piano
Morceau de concert op. 62
O salutaris hostia for Organ
O Salutaris in Mi for male choir and organ
Orient et Occident op. 25 `grande marche pour grande harmonie` op. 25
Panis angelicus
Pas Redouble op. 86
Pourquoi Rester Seulette for Oboe and Piano
Predication aux oiseaux
Romance sans paroles, for Piano
Si vous n`avez rien à me dire (If you have nothing to say to me)
Tantum ergo
The Promised Land op.140
La fiancée du timbalier op. 82
`Une flute invisible`
Album for piano op. 72
Feuillet d`album op. 81
Andalusian Caprice for Violin and Orchestra op.122 op.122
`Arabic Caprice` for 2 pianos op. 96
La Serenite for Oboe and Piano
Les cloches du soir op. 85
`Romance De Soir` for soprano, alto, tenor and bass op.118
`Les guerriers` for male chorus (1888) op. 84
Souvenir d`Ismailia
Souvenir d`Italie op. 80
Plainte for Oboe and Piano
`L`art d`être grand-père` - Deux chœurs (1878) op. 53
`Carnival of the Animals` for chamber ensemble (or piano and orchestra) (1886)
`Cypress and laurel` op.156
La Cloche for Oboe and Piano
Feuillet d`Album op.169
Peut-etre for Oboe and Piano
Priere, for cello and organ op.158
`The Muse and the Poet` for Violin and Cello op.132
`La Nuit` for soprano, choir and orchestra op.114
Benediction nuptiale op. 9
`Rhapsodie d`Auvergne` for piano & orchestra op. 73
Une nuit a Lisbonne op. 63
`Pastorale` - Duettino for 2 voices and piano (1855)
`Mélodies persanes` for voice and piano (1870) op. 26
`Aux conquérants de l`air` for chorus of 2 equal voices and piano op.164
Le Rossignol for Oboe and Piano
Triptyque for Violin and Piano op.136
Le Matin op.129
Extase for Oboe and Piano
Adagio and Variations for Flute and Piano
Algerian suite for orchestra op. 60
Allegro appassionato for Cello and Piano op. 43
Allegro appassionato for piano & orchestra in cis-moll op. 70
Andante for Horn and Organ (1854)
Ballet Javotte
Barcarolle in F major op.108
Nonchalante, Waltz op.110
Valse-Caprice for Violin and Orchestra op. 52 6
Valse-Caprice for Piano and Orchestra `wedding cake` op. 76
Variations on a Theme by Beethoven for Two Pianos op. 35
Gaie, waltz op.139
Nightingale and the Rose, vocalize
Gavotte in C minor op. 23
Caprice Heroique op.106
The heroic march op. 34
Deux chœurs a cappella (1884): 1 `Les marins de Kermor` op. 71, 1
Deux chœurs a cappella (1913): 1 `Des pas dans l`allée: Madrigal` (Maurice Boukay) op.141, 1
Duettino for two pianos op. 11
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso for violin and orchestra op. 28
Cavatina for Trombone and Piano op.144
Valse Canariote op. 88
Ivanhoe, cantata (1864)
Return of Virginia, cantata (1852)
Lear and harp, cantata for 5 voices, chorus and orchestra op. 57
Caprice on Danish and Russian themes op. 79
Lullaby op.105
Lulaby for Violin and Piano op. 38
Cello concerto No.1 a-moll op. 33
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No.2 in D minor op.119
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in A-dur op. 20
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.2 in C-dur op. 58
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.3 in h-moll op. 61
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, 1 in D major op. 17
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 2 G minor op. 22
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 3 E-flat major op. 29
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 4 C minor op. 44
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 5 F-dur op.103
Concert Piece for Harp and Orchestra op.154
Concert Piece for French Horn and Orchestra op. 94
Coronation March op.117
Mazurka for piano op. 21
Mazurka for piano op. 24
Mazurka for piano op. 66
Messa a 4 for 4 soloists, chorus, orchestra and organ (1855) op. 4
Mignonne, waltz op.104
L`Assassinat du duc de Guise (1908)
`Ode` for choir and orchestra (1864)
Odelette op.162
Odelette for Flute and Orchestra op.165
Opera `Henry VIII`
Opera `La princesse jaune` (1872) op. 30
Opera `Samson et Dalila` op. 47
Opera `Samson et Dalila` (arias)
Opera `Phryne`
Opera `Etienne Marcel`
Oratorio `The Deluge` op. 45
Chants D`automne op.113
Offertoire E major
Song `Aimons-nous` (1891)
Song `La cloche`
Song `Le pas d`armes du Roi Jean` for voice and orchestra (1852)
Vogue, vogue la galère
Song `Violons dans le soir` for Voice, Violin and Piano (1907)
Song `Rêverie` for voice and orchestra (1851)
Song `Claire de lune` for voice & piano (1865)
Song `Danse macabre` (1872)
Polonaise op. 77
Prelude for Organ in C Major
Prelude for Organ in c-moll
Prelude for Organ in F-dur
Psalm XVIII op. 42
Requiem op. 54
Marche Religieuse op.107
Christmas Oratorio op. 12
Romance for Trumpet and Piano op. 36
Romance for horn and piano op. 67
Romance for Violin (or Flute) and Orchestra in C major op. 48
Romance for Violin (or Flute) and Orchestra in D flat major op. 37
Romance for Flute and Piano op. 51
Saltarelle, for male voices op. 74
Chant Saphique in D op. 91
Septet for trumpet, string quintet and piano op. 65
Serenade Op. 15 op. 15
Les cloches
Young Hercules op. 50
Symphonic poem `Danse Macabre` op. 40
Le Rouet d`Omphale, symphonic poem in A op. 31
Phaeton, A Symphonic poem op. 39
Symphony Urbs Romana F Major
Symphony in A Major
Symphony 1 in E flat major op. 2
Symphony 2 in A minor op. 55
Symphony 3 in C minor `Organ` op. 78
Scherzo for two pianos op. 87
Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1 in C-dur (1872) op. 32
Sonata for Cello and Piano No.2 in F-dur (1905) op.123
Sonata for Oboe and Piano in D-dur op.166
Sonata for clarinet and piano op.167
Sonata for violin and piano No.1 d-moll op. 75
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in Es-dur op.102
Sonata for Bassoon op.168
String Quartet No. 1 in E minor op.112
String Quartet No. 2 in G major op.153
Suite for Cello and Piano, Op. 16 op. 16
Suite for Orchestra in D op. 49
Suite for Piano op. 90
Tarantella for Clarinet and Fortepaino op. 6
Theme and Variations for Piano op. 97
Theme, variations and chorale "Dies irae"
Valse langoureuse op.120
Trois chœurs (1917): 2 `Salut au chevalier` op.151, 2
Fantasia `Africa` for piano and orchestra op. 89
Fantasia for Harp op. 95
Fantasy for violin and harp op.124
Fantasia 1 for Organ in E-flat Major
Fantasy 2 for organ op.101
Fantasy N3 for organ op.157
Piano Trio No.1 in F-dur op. 18
Piano Trio No.2 in e-moll op. 92
Piano Quartet in B flat major op. 41
Piano Quartet in E major (1851-53)
Piano Quintet in A minor op. 14
Havanaise for violin and orchestra op. 83
Parts of Works
Elegy for Violin and Piano op.143
Elegy for Violin and Piano op.160
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