Martin Smolka


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Adelheid for flute (2004)
Agnus Dei (2010-11)
AMarcORdOSO for 8 instruments (2010)
Annunciation, for choir and orchestra (2014)
Blue Bells or Bell Blues, for orchestra (2010-11)
Die Seele auf dem Esel, for ensemble (2008)
Euphorium for 10 instruments (1996)
For a Buck for string quartet (2004)
Haiku, for haprsichord and electronic recording (2007)
Hats in the Sky (2004)
Souteska, for cello (2009)
Lamento metodico, for accordion (2006)
`L` Orch pour l `orch` for 2 flutes-piccolo, 5 clarinets, 12 trombones, 4 percussionists, 25 violins, and 5 basses (1990)
Mushrooms and Heaven (2000)
Music for Retuned Instruments (1988)
Music Sweet Music (1988)
My My Country, for orchestra (2011-12)
O formosa (1988)
Oh, my Admired in c-moll (2002)
Pianissimo, for a quartet of Trumpets or Saxophone quartet (2002, rev. 2006)
Poema de balcones, for two mixed choirs (2008)
Quod licet bovi, for wind quintet (or sextet or septet, or a similar ensemble), percussion and strings (or synthesizer, or harmonium) (1983)
Rain, a window, roofs, chimneys, pigeons and so... and railway-bridges, too (1992)
Remix, Redream, Reflight (2000)
Rent a Ricercar (1995)
Ringing (1989)
Rinzai and St. Francis watch yellow autumn leaves floating down the river, for string sextet (2013)
Rinzai and water skaters for guitar, bass-clarinet and string quartet (2009)
Rubato, for Violin and Piano (1995)
Rush (2007)
Salt and Sad (2006)
Semplice (2006)
Solitudo (2003)
Tears (1983)
Walden, the Distiller of Celestial Dews (2000)
Eight Pieces for four guitars (1998)
Missa for vocal and string quartets (2002)
Psalmus 114, for choir and orchestra (2009)
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