John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa (conductor)

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4 Marches for Regimental Drums and Trumpets
American Youth March
Cuckoo Galop
El Capitan
Fourth of July
Hands Across The Sea
March `Manhattan Beach`
March `Semper Fidelis`
March `The Gallant Seventh`
March `The Liberty Bell`
March `Washington Post`
National Emblem
National Fencibles March
On Parade
Sound Off
The Beau Ideal March (1893)
The Bride-Elect March
The Chantyman`s March
The Charlatan March
The Colonial Dames Waltzes
The Corcoran Cadets March
The Federal March
The Gladiator
The High School Cadets
The Thunderer
The U.S. Field Artillery March
With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious)
Jack Tar (1903)
The Coquette
At the Movies
Dwellers of the Western World (1910)
The Chariot Race (1890)
Leaves from My Notebook (1922)
A Stag Party
At the King`s Court
Myrrha Gavotte, Op.30
Across the Danube
Anchor and Star
Ben Bolt
Bonnie Annie Laurie
Bullets and Bayonets
Columbia`s Pride
Comrades of the Legion
Congress Hall (1882)
Corcoran Cadets (1890)
Esprit de corps, Op.45
Flags of Freedom
From Maine to Oregon
Globe and Eagle
Guide Right (1881)
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (1900)
Hands Across the Sea (1899)
Homeward Bound (1892)
Imperial Edward (1902)
Invincible Eagle (1901)
King Cotton (1895)
Liberty Bell (1893)
Manhattan Beach (1893)
March of the Royal Trumpets (1892)
March Past of the National Fencibles (1888)
March Past of the Rifle Regiment (1886)
Mother Goose
Mother Hubbard March (1885)
National Fencibles (1888)
On the Tramp (1879)
Our Flirtation (1880)
Pet of the Petticoats
Picador March (1889)
Powhatan`s Daughter
Recognition March (1880)
Revival March (1876)
Right Forward (1881)
Sabre and Spurs (1918)
Semper Fidelis (1888)
Sound Off! March (1885)
The Crusader
The Diplomat (1904)
The Directorate
The Fairest of the Fair
The Free-Lance (march)
The High School Cadets (1890)
The Honored Dead (1876)
The International Congress (1876)
The Loyal Legion (1890)
The Man Behind the Gun
The Mikado March
The Occidental (1887)
The Quilting Party (1889)
The Rifle Regiment
The Thunderer (1889)
The Triton (1892)
The Washington Post (1889)
The White Plume (1884)
The White Rose March
The Wolverine (1881)
Transit of Venus (1883)
Triumph of Time
U. S. Field Artillery March (1917)
Yorktown Centennial (1881)
Boy Scouts of America (1916)
March `The Stars and Stripes Forever`
The Belle of Chicago (1892)
George Washington Bicentennial
President Garfield`s Inauguration March, Op.131
Désirée (1884)
The American Maid (1909)
The Smugglers (1881)
The Free-Lance (1905)
El Capitan (1895)
Chris and the Wonderful Lamp (1899)
The Bride-Elect (1897)
The Charlatan (1898)
Presidential Polonaise (1886)
In Memoriam (1881)
With Pleasure
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