Arthur de Greef

Albeniz, Isaac - Parts of Works
Chopin, Frederic - 3 Nocturnes Op. 15
Chopin, Frederic - Grande valse brillante in E-flat major (The Brilliant Grand Waltz) Op. 18
Chopin, Frederic - Parts of compositions
Chopin, Frederic - Piano Sonata 2 in B-flat minor Op. 35
Chopin, Frederic - Waltz No.11 In G Flat Major Op. 70-1
Chopin, Frederic - Waltz No.6 in D-flat major Op. 64-1
Chopin, Frederic - Waltz 5 in A-flat major Op. 42
Franck, Cesar - Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1885) FWV 46
Gretry, Andre - Parts of works
Grieg, Edvard - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor op.16
Grieg, Edvard - Lyric Pieces, Book 10 op.71
Grieg, Edvard - Parts of compositions
Liszt, Franz - (Schubert) Soirees de Vienne. Valses caprices d`apras Schubert (1852) S.427
Liszt, Franz - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in Es-dur (1830-55) S.124
Liszt, Franz - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.2 in A-dur (1839, 1848-61) S.125
Liszt, Franz - Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Themes for piano and orchestra S.123
Liszt, Franz - Hungarian Rhapsody 12 in C sharp minor S.244 12
Liszt, Franz - Parts of Compositions
Moszkowski, Moritz - 3 Pieces for Piano op.34
Moszkowski, Moritz - Parts of Works and Fragments of Cycles
Prokofiev, Sergey - Parts of works
Raff, Joachim - 2 Pieces for the Piano: 2 `La Fileuse`. Etude (1870) op.157, 2
Rubinstein, Anton - Parts of Works
Saint-Saens, Camille - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 2 G minor op. 22
Schumann, Robert - Parts of the compositions
Schumann, Robert - Piano piece `Arabeske` (1839) Op. 18
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