Tonu Kaljuste

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied` BWV 225
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Cantata `Auf den Tod Kaiser Joseph II` for soprano, bass, choir & orchestra in C minor (1790) WoO 87
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Cantata `uf die Erhebung Leopold II zur Kaiserwürde` (1790) WoO 88
Franssens, Joep - Harmony of the Spheres (2001)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Vesperae de Dominica in C-dur (1779) KV321 (Anh. 113)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - `Litaniae Lauretanae B.M.V.` for soloists, choir and orchestra (1774) KV195 (186d)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - `Vesperae solennes de confessore` for soloisten, choir and orchestra (1780) KV339
Part, Arvo - Adam`s Lament, oratorio for chorus and string orchestra (2009)
Part, Arvo - Alleluia tropus for chorus and 8 violoncellos (ad lib.)
Part, Arvo - Beatus Petronius
Part, Arvo - Berliner Messe
Part, Arvo - Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten
Part, Arvo - Christmas Lullaby
Part, Arvo - Estonian Lullaby
Part, Arvo - Fratres
Part, Arvo - Fur Lennart In Memoriam
Part, Arvo - Kanon Pokajanen part I
Part, Arvo - Kanon Pokajanen part II
Part, Arvo - Litany for soli (alto/countertenor, 2 tenors, bass,mixed choir and orchestra
Part, Arvo - L`Abbe Agathon
Part, Arvo - Magnificat
Part, Arvo - Memento
Part, Arvo - Salve, Regina
Part, Arvo - Silhouette
Part, Arvo - Silouans Song
Part, Arvo - Statuit ei Dominus
Part, Arvo - Symphony No. 1 (Polyphonic)
Part, Arvo - Symphony No. 3
Part, Arvo - Tabula Rasa (1977)
Part, Arvo - Te Deum (1985) for three choirs, prepared piano, string orchestra and tape
Part, Arvo - `In Principio`, for choir and orchestra (2003)
Part, Arvo - `These Words...`, for string orchestra and percussion (2007-08)
Rachmaninov, Sergei - All-Night Vigil for mixed choir (1915) Op.37
Schnittke, Alfred - Penitential poems for mixed chorus unaccompanied in twelve parts (1987) op.203
Sumera, Lepo - Concerto for voices and instruments (1997)
Sumera, Lepo - `Island Maiden`s Song from the Sea` (1988)
Sumera, Lepo - `Mushroom Cantata` (1979-1983)
Sumera, Lepo - `Though Your Homeland May Be in Dark For Long` (1985)
Tormis, Veljo - A Litany of Thunder`s God for tenor, bass, chorus, and drum, 1974
Tormis, Veljo - Curse Upon Iron (1972) for Tenor, Bass, Mixed Chorus, and Shaman`s Drum
Tormis, Veljo - Eesti kalendrilaulud (1967)
Tormis, Veljo - Singing Aboard Ship (1983) for contralto and mixed choir
Tormis, Veljo - Songs of the Ancient Sea (1979) for tenor and male choir
Tormis, Veljo - The Bishop and The Pagan (1992/1995) for countertenor, two tenors, and choir
Tormis, Veljo - The Singers Childhood (1966) for soprano and female chorus
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