Anatoly Smirnov
Anatoly Smirnov (composer)

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D-dur (1720-21?) BWV 1050
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Keyboard Concerto No.5 in f-moll (1738?) BWV 1056
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Concerto for piano, violin and cello C-dur `Triple` (1803-04) op. 56
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Parts of compositions
Brahms, Johannes - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-dur Op. 77
Brahms, Johannes - Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra in a-moll Op.102
Britten, Benjamin - Simple Symphony for string orchestra (1934) op. 4
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - `Baba Yaga`, a joke-fantasy
Franck, Cesar - Symphony d-moll FWV 48
Gershwin, George - Porgy and Bess
Gershwin, George - Symphonic Picture of Porgy and Bess (Orchestration by R.Bennet)
Grandjany, Marcel - Aria in Classic Style
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Seven Last Words of Christ, for cello, accordion and strings (1982)
Gulak-Artemovsky, Semen - Arias
Kalman, Emmerich (Imre) - King of Violinists
Kalman, Emmerich (Imre) - Operetta `A Bajader`
Khachaturian, Aram - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor (1940)
Khalilov, Valery - Adagio
Kikta, Valeriy - Frescos of the St. Sofia Cathedral (concerto for harp and orchestra)
Liszt, Franz - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in Es-dur (1830-55) S.124
Liszt, Franz - Hungarian Rhapsody 1 C sharp minor S.244 1
Liszt, Franz - Hungarian Rhapsody 2 in C sharp minor S.244 2
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Symphony No. 3 in h-mol op.50
Mahler, Gustav - Parts of Works and Cycles
Medtner, Nikolay - Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 in C minor op.33
Mendelssohn, Felix - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in e-moll op. 64
Mendelssohn, Felix - Violin Concerto d-moll (1822) S 2
Monti, Vittorio - Czardas
Morozov, Pavel - Viola Concerto
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for horn and orchestra No.1 D-dur (1782/1791) KV412+514 (386b)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for piano and orchestra 20 d-moll (1785) KV466
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Divertimento for string quartet in F-dur (1772) KV138 (125c)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony No. 3 in Es-dur (1764?) KV 18
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony No.29 in A-dur (1774) KV201 (186a)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 7 D-dur (1768) KV 45
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 8 D-dur (1768) KV 48
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 9 C-dur (1769/1772) KV 73 (75a)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 11 D-dur (1770) KV 84 (73q)
Mussorgsky, Modest - Pictures at an Exhibition, for orchestra
Mussorgsky, Modest - `Night on Bald Mountain`, a fantasy for orchestra (1867)
Myaskov-, Constantine - Balalaika Concerto No. 1
Pahmutova, Alexandra - Let`s Bow to those Great Years
Piazzolla, Astor - Liege Concerto for Bandoneon and Guitar
Popper, David - Hungarian Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra op.68
Prokofiev, Sergey - Suite from the opera Tale Of A True Man (1948) op.117 bis
Prokofiev, Sergey - Symphony No.7 in C sharp minor (1951-52) op.131
Purcell, Henry - Opera `Dido and Aeneas` Z 626
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 2 (1900-01) Op.18
Ravel, Mauice - Bolero for Orchestra (1928)
Rebikov, Vladimir - Arakhne, opera
Rebikov, Vladimir - Narcissus, opera (1912)
Respighi, Ottorino - `Fountains of Rome` (1916)
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Sadko`, musical picture op. 5
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Scheherazade`, symphonic suite (1888) op. 35
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `The Snow Maiden` Suite of the opera
Rodrigo, Joaquin - `Concierto de Aranjuez` for Guitar and Orchestra (1939)
Rostuni, Stepan - The Concept of Creation
Saint-Saens, Camille - Cello concerto No.1 a-moll op. 33
Sarasate, Pablo de - Zigeunerweisen op. 20
Shchedrin, Rodion - Carmen-suite (1967)
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Festive Overture in A major (1954) op. 96
Smetana, Bedrich - `Vltava`, symphonic poem in the series` My Motherland` JB 1:112/2
Smirnov, Anatoly - I do not like the blizzard, poem by O. Ziborov
Smirnov, Anatoly - I Want to Write about Vienna
Smirnov, Anatoly - In the Sky High Above
Smirnov, Anatoly - Rowan
Smirnov, Anatoly - Song of Cheerful Sadness
Smirnov, Anatoly - Under A Lime Tree
Sviridov, Georgiy - `Blizzard`, musical illustrations for the story, AS Pushkin
Taneyev, Sergey - Canzone for Clarinet and String Orchestra
Tariverdiev, Mikhael - Mono-opera `Waiting`
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Andante cantabile for Cello and Orchestra (1871/1888) TH 63
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1 b-moll Op. 23
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 2 G-dur (1879-80) Op. 44
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-dur (1878) Op. 35
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Symphony No.5 e-moll (1888) Op. 64
Wanhal, Johann Baptist - Concerto for Two Bassoons and Orchestra
Zubytski, Wolodymyr - Chao, muchacho!
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