Carolyn Sampson

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Aria `Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn`ihn` for Soprano BWV 1127
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke` BWV 84
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Ich habe genug` (1727) BWV 82
de-Lalande, Michel-Richard - Parts of Works
Esenvalds, Eriks - Passion and Resurrection, 2005
Fiocco, Joseph-Hector - Laudate pueri
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Parnasso In Festa` HWV 73
Lacoste, Louis - Parts of Works
Mondonville, Jean-Joseph Cassan - Arias and Parts of Works
Poulenc, Francis - Sept répons des ténèbres for choir and orchestra FP181
Poulenc, Francis - Stabat Mater FP148
Purcell, Henry - Arias
Purcell, Henry - From silent shades and the Elysian groves (1683) Z 370
Purcell, Henry - Hymn `Now that the Sun hath veil`d his Light` (1688), Z 193 Z 193
Purcell, Henry - Hymn, `Tell me, some pitying angel` (published 1693), Z 196 Z 196
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country` (1695) Z 585
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `The Mock Marriage` (1695) Z 605
Purcell, Henry - Oedipus Z 583
Purcell, Henry - Parts of Works
Purcell, Henry - Song If Music Be the Food of Love Z 379a
Purcell, Henry - Song `O solitude, my sweetest choice` (1687) Z 406 Z 406
Purcell, Henry - Song `O! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes` Z 402
Purcell, Henry - Song `The fatal hour comes on apace` Z 421
Purcell, Henry - `When first Amintas sued for a kiss` (1687) Z 430
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - Enchanted Lyre, opera-ballet
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - Parts of Works
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques - Salve Regina
Vivaldi, Antonio - Cantata `Nisi Dominus` RV803
Vivaldi, Antonio - Cantata `Ostro picta, armata spina` RV642
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D for Soli, Choir, Orchestra and b.c. RV588
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D-dur RV589
Vivaldi, Antonio - Laudato pueri (Psalm 112) in A-dur RV602a
Vivaldi, Antonio - Motet `Vos aurae per montes` RV634
Zelenka, Jan Dismas - Antifon `Regina coeli laetare` F-dur, for soloists, orchestra and basso continuo (1726) ZWV 134
Zelenka, Jan Dismas - Litaniae de Venerabili Sacramento ZWV 147
Zelenka, Jan Dismas - Salve Regina, mater misericordiae ZWV 135
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