Alexander Mikhalev

Beshevli, Valery - Three Romances from the Vocal Cycle, poems by A. Blok
Chikhachev, Eugene - Vocal cycle on poems by Vladislav Hodasevich
Chikhachev, Eugene - `... The Ballad of pain ...` verses León de Greiff (transl. into Russian by Sergei Goncharenko) for voice and piano
Dyuzhina, Olga - `Clouds`, from the cantata to the words of Boris Ryzhy
Lapitsky, Valery - Two Romances on poems Sergei Yesenin and Nikolay Rubtsov
Lukyanets, Andrew - Five Romances on poems by Russian poets for voice and piano
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Romance Thanksgiving on poems of Dmitry Merezhkovsky
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Six Romances on poems by Sergei Yesenin
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Three Romances on poems Maxim Tsarikov
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Three Romances, poems by D. Merezhkovsky
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Two Romances on poems Maxim Tsarikov
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Two Songs on poems by Ignatiy Rozhdevstvenskiy
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Prayer, romance on poems by Maxim Tsarikov
Mikhalyov, Alexander - Psalms of David, cantata for baritone solo, mixed choir and large symphony orchestra
Mikhel, Arthur - Gold Dust, Romance
Mikhel, Arthur - Two Romances on Poems of Velimir Khlebnikov
Ponomarev, Vladimir - Everything Went, poem by Tatiana Ogneva
Ponomarev, Vladimir - Five passages from Lermontov, vocal cycle
Ponomarev, Vladimir - Four Poems about Love: a song cycle on poems by Andrew Demenyuk
Ponomarev, Vladimir - I want to, Romance
Puchinin, Sergey - Evil Genius, the ballad for baritone and piano on poems by N. Gumilev
Senegin, Vladimir - Two songs from the music to the play `A Midsummer Night`s Dream`
Tuev, Konstantin - Fragments. Song cycle for baritone and piano
Yudin, Igor - Four poems of Joseph Brodsky for baritone and piano
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