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Bach, Johann Sebastian - Parts of compositions
Boellmann, Leon - Fantaisie Dialoguée (Interactive Fantasie) for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 35 (1896) op.35
Fetis, Francois-Joseph - Symphonic Fantasie for Organ and Orchestra (1866)
Guilmant, Felix Alexandre - Allegro for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81 (1894)
Guilmant, Felix Alexandre - Marche Fantaisie (March Fantasie) on two church chants for Organ, Harps and Orchestra, Op. 44 (1875)
Guilmant, Felix Alexandre - Meditation on the Stabat Mater for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 63 (1884)
Guilmant, Felix Alexandre - Sonata (Symphony) for rgan No. 1 in D minor (1874) p. 42
Mayr, Johann Simon - Arianna a Nasso
Mayr, Johann Simon - Cantata for the Death of Beethoven for soloists, chorus and orchesctra (1827)
Mayr, Johann Simon - Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings in C Major
Mayr, Johann Simon - Concerto in D-minor `Concerto Bergamasco` (1820)
Mayr, Johann Simon - Cora - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - Ercole in Lidia
Mayr, Johann Simon - Gli americani, Idalide - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - Il segreto - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - La passione - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - Lauso e Lidia - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - L`Armonia - Dramatic cantata for soloists, chorus and orchesctra (1825)
Mayr, Johann Simon - Mass in c-moll (1826)
Mayr, Johann Simon - Mennone e Zemira - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - Oratorio `David in the Cave of Engedi` (1795)
Mayr, Johann Simon - Raùl di Créqui - Overture
Mayr, Johann Simon - Requiem in c-moll
Mayr, Johann Simon - Te Deum in D-dur
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Missa solemnis in C major KVC 01.20
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Offertorium `In te Domine speravi` KVAnh. 120
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Offertory `Quis te comprehendat` for choir, violin, organ and orchestra KVAnh. 110
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Salve Regina, Offertory for choir, organ and orchestra (1769?) KV 92 (C 3.01)
Paer, Ferdinando - Concerto in Re maggiore per organo e orchestra
Paer, Ferdinando - Oratorio `At the Holy Sepulcher, or Passion of Christ` (1810)
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