Fedor (Theodor) Lednyev

Aperghis, Georges - Bloody Luna for cello and ensemble (2007)
Aperghis, Georges - In Extremis for ensemble (1998)
Arkushiba, Anna - Inside the Pseudo
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - Aspan
Chernyshov, Alexander - Sugar
Chernyshov, Alexander -
Desyatnikov, Leonid - Lead Echo
Dorokhov, Georgy - Adagio molto
Dorokhov, Georgy - Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Poems on the end of this age to voice, bass clarinet and percussion
Filanovsky, Boris - 0, 10 - Suprematism for Ensemble (2010)
Filanovsky, Boris - Collectevision (2011)
Filanovsky, Boris - Three Four, opera (2011)
Filanovsky, Boris - `Bzdmn` for voice, string trio and an accordion
Filanovsky, Boris - `Lesvet setmy, 17 texts by Anna Alchuk in 23 movements for soprano and 7 instruments
Filanovsky, Boris - `Polyphonion`, a concert on the `formulas` by Pavel Filonov for violin, accordion and 6 instruments
Firtich, Georgy - Violin Concerto (2006)
Gorlinski, Vladimir - Paramusic (2008) for symphony orchestra
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Dedication, Chamber Symphony 2 in three parts
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Play for Chamber Orchestra
Karaev, Faradzh - I said goodbye to Mozart on the Charles Bridge in Prague
Karaev, Faradzh - The Outsider
Khismatov, Sergey - Finale
Khismatov, Sergey - UNICOH
Khorov, Denis - Closed, for chamber ensemble, words by Dina Gatina (2012)
Khubeyev, Alexander - Phantom of Antiutopia (2014)
Khubeyev, Alexander - Soundscape
Khubeyev, Alexander - `The sound of dark time` for chamber ensemble
Kim, Sergey (Se Hyung) - Khvilischevsky (2012)
Korolev, Anatoliy - Heretic, for choir, bassoons and orchestra
Korolev, Anatoliy - Violin Concerto
Kourliandski, Dmitri - punctuation marks for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2008)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - White concerto for alto flute, bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, accordion and piano (2006)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - `4 positions of the same` for flute, clarinet, tuba, percussion, voice, violin and cello (2004)
Krasavin, Yuri - Formula of Spring
Krasavin, Yuri - Pechorin-Suite
Krutik, Mikhail - Concerto grosso for violin, flute, piano and two chamber orchestras
Krutik, Mikhail - Jukebox (2011)
Krutik, Mikhail - Lady for symphony orchestra
Krutik, Mikhail - Tyche (2003)
Levkovskaya, Sofia - DAS IST FANTASTISCH! for guitar and orchestra
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Expulsion from Paradise
Nadzharov, Alex - Kinesthesia for chamber ensemble
Nazaykinskaya, Polina - Winter Bells
Newski, Sergej - Alles, for reciter and chamber orchestra (2008)
Newski, Sergej - Blindenalphabet. 2007
Nizamov, Elmir - Mirages
Pakhota, Ivan - Lilith for 8 instruments (2012, op. 35)
Pavlenko, Sergey - Petersburg Dreams
Petrov, Evgeny - `Tales of the Northern Land` for narrator and orchestra, 2006
Popov, Alexander - Theory of affects, the symphony for 12 soloists
Popov, Andrey - Two fragments of the collective Ballet Cherdyn (2014)
Popov, Alexander - Utopia, Concerto for Violin and Instrumental Octet
Prokopenko, Natalia - Archai
Prokopenko, Natalia - `Extremum`
Safronov, Anton - Papageno (Last Temptation) 2006/09
Scelsi, Giacinto - Anahit (violin and orchestra, 1965)
Shirokov, Kirill - Stripping
Shmurak, Alexey - Return, for piano, electronic records and an ensemble of nine performers (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - Peace on Earth (2011) for french horn, violin, cello and piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Steps under the snow (2008) for flute, bass-clarinet, violin, viola, double bass
Siumak, Alexei - nrzbr. 2007
Strugalsky, Vasiliy - Luceum for Chamber Ensemble
Strugalsky, Vasiliy - Miserere (2011) for chamber ensemble
Strugalsky, Vasiliy - Ricercar 2013 for five performers. 2009
Svetlichny, Anton - Cadaver Ate for voice and chamber ensemble
Sysoev, Alexey - Over moons (2010) for voices and large ensemble
Vasiliev, Anton - Purely Moral Panic for Chamber Ensemble
Voronov, Valery - Life under Ice
Xenakis, Iannis - Echange for solo bass clarinet and ensemble (1989)
Xenakis, Iannis - Keqrops for piano and orchestra (1986)
Xenakis, Iannis - Palimpsest (1979) for ensemble
Yusupova, Iraida - Dies Irae-1
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