Mikhail Bouzine
Mikhail Bouzine (composer)

Babyncev, Maxim - Great Words, 7 criptopuses for piano
Babyncev, Maxim - It disrupts a note from the skies, a song cycle for soprano, clarinet (violin) and piano
Babyncev, Maxim - Triptych, Kriptopuses for Violin, Domra and Piano on Stikhomuzyka of Benjamin Eernstman
Babyncev, Maxim - Two Intermezzo for Piano (2016), Op. 1
Bach, Johann Sebastian - English Suite No.3 g-moll BWV 808
Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel - Sonata for Keyboard in e-moll (1784) Wq 59/1 (H.281)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Az, for Pianist and Piano (2011)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Buki, for a pianist, an armed voice, gong and bucket (2012)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Dobro, Concerto pour un homme et electronique (2014)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Glagol, for Two Pianos, Balalaika, the FLUI drum, electric shaver and electronics (2013)
Bouzine, Mikhail - It Is, Etudes lineaires en forme de variations (2015)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Lead/Vedi, for balloons, balalaika, Woodwind, scotch, canopy, piano and record (2013)
Bouzine, Mikhail - Live, A Play for lying violin[ist] (2016)
Cage, John - Etudes Australes (1974) for piano
CARDEW, CORNELIUS - Three Winter Potatoes (1965)
Concerts, - Concerts of Mikhail Buzin, piano
Fomin, Evstigney - Opera Arias
Hassler, Johann Wilhelm - Sonata for harpsichord in A Minor
Haydn, Joseph - Piano Sonata E-dur Hob XVI:13
Messiaen, Olivier - Fantasy for violin and piano. 1933
Pisarevsky, Denis - `Sketches` for piano (2009)
Scherbakov, Evgeniy - Autumn Landscapes, poems by N. Zabolotsky
Schubert, Franz - Variations on a Theme of Anselm Hüttenbrenner a-moll D 576
Takahashi, Yuji - Hanagatami II for solo piano (2008)
Weinberg, Mieczysław - Piano Sonata No.2 op. 8
Weinberg, Mieczysław - Sonata 4 for Violin and Piano (1947) op. 39
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