Bruno Maderna
Bruno Maderna (composer)

Bartok, Bela - Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 BB 91
Bartok, Bela - Concerto for piano and orchestra 3 BB127
Berg, Alban - Opera `Wozzeck` Op. 7
Berg, Alban - Three Pieces for Orchestra Op. 6
Casella, Alfredo - Paganiniana. Divertimento per Orchestra (1942) op.65
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Ramifications for string orchestra or 12 solo strings
Ligeti, Gyorgy - `Adventures`, the music theater of the absurd
Ligeti, Gyorgy - `Clocks and clouds` for womens` choir and orchestra
Ligeti, Gyorgy - `New Adventures`, the music theater of the absurd
Maderna, Bruno - Ages. Radioinvention for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1972)
Maderna, Bruno - Aura for orchestra (1972)
Maderna, Bruno - Concerto No. 1 for Oboe and Chamber Ensemble (1962-63)
Maderna, Bruno - Hyperion, the lyrics in the form of the performance with the texts and phonemes by F.Gelderlin and G.Helms (1964)
Maderna, Bruno - Juilliard Serenade (Tempo libero II) for instruments and tape (1971)
Maderna, Bruno - Notturno for tape (1956)
Maderna, Bruno - Serenade 2 (1954)
Maderna, Bruno - Serenata III for tape (1961)
Mahler, Gustav - Symphony 7 in e-moll `Lied von der Nacht` (1904/05)
Malipiero, Gian Francesco - Pause del silenzio for orchestra (1917)
Nono, Luigi - `Il Canto Sospeso` for 3 soloists, chorus and orchestra (1956).
Penderecki, Krzysztof - Tren pamieci ofiar Hiroszimy (1960)
Petrassi, Goffredo - Morte dell`Aria, 1950
Petrassi, Goffredo - Noche oscura, cantata for chorus and orchestra to the text of Sv.Huan de la Cruz (1950)
Prokofiev, Sergey - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.3 in C major (1917-21) op. 26
Schoenberg, Arnold - Prelude for Orchestra op. 44
Schoenberg, Arnold - Symphonic poem `Verklärte Nacht`, op. 4
Schoenberg, Arnold - Variations for Orchestra op. 31
Silvestrov, Valentin - Symphony 3 for large symphony orchestra `Eshatofoniya` (1965)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Kontra-Punkte for 10 instruments (1952-53)
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