Elizabeth Kenny

Anonymous, - English traditional: The Last of the Queens Maskes
Banister, John - Give me my lute
Banister, John - The Ariels Songs in the Play called The Tempest: a song Come unto these yellow sands
Banister, John - The Ariels Songs in the Play called The Tempest: a song Dry those eyes
Banister, John - The Ariels Songs in the Play called The Tempest: a song Full fathom five
Blow, John - Siong `Lovely Selena, innocent and free`
Boccherini, Luigi - Sonata No. 5 for cello and b.c. in G-dur G. 5
Boccherini, Luigi - Sonata No. 6 for cello and b.c. in C-dur G. 6
Boccherini, Luigi - Sonata No.20 for cello and b.c. in g-moll G.562
Boccherini, Luigi - Sonata No.22 for cello and b.c. in D-dur G.564
Boccherini, Luigi - Sonata No.25 for cello and b.c. in Es-dur G.567
Campion, Thomas - Song `Fair, if you expect admiring`
Danyel, John - Can doleful notes?
Danyel, John - Rose, for Lute solo
Dowland, John - Behold a wonder here (1603)
Dowland, John - Song `In darkness let me dwell`
Dowland, John - Time stands still (1603)
Humfrey, Pelham - Where the bee sucks
Johnson, Robert - Fantasy for Lute
Johnson, Robert - Full fathom five
Johnson, Robert - Where the bee sucks
Jones, Robert - What if I seek for love of thee
Lawes, William - Song `Gather ye rosebuds while ye may`
Lawes, William - Song `He that will not love`
Lawes, William - Song `I`m sick of Love`
Lawes, William - Song `Why so pale and wan, fond lover`
Locke, Matthew - Song `The Delights of the Bottle`
Purcell, Henry - A New Irish Tune Z 646
Purcell, Henry - Arias
Purcell, Henry - From silent shades and the Elysian groves (1683) Z 370
Purcell, Henry - Hymn `Now that the Sun hath veil`d his Light` (1688), Z 193 Z 193
Purcell, Henry - Hymn, `Tell me, some pitying angel` (published 1693) Z 196
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country` (1695) Z 585
Purcell, Henry - Parts of Works
Purcell, Henry - Rigadoon in C major (1687) Z 653
Purcell, Henry - Sefauchi`s Farewell in D minor, Z 656 Z 656
Purcell, Henry - Song `Ah! how pleasant `tis to love` (1688) Z 353
Purcell, Henry - Song `O solitude, my sweetest choice` (1687) Z 406 Z 406
Purcell, Henry - Song `O! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes` Z 402
Purcell, Henry - Song `The fatal hour comes on apace` Z 421
Purcell, Henry - `When first Amintas sued for a kiss` (1687) Z 430
Reggio, Pietro - Arise, ye subterranean Winds
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