Robert Craft

Schoenberg, Arnold - 5 pieces for orchestra (1909) op. 16
Schoenberg, Arnold - 6 a capella Mixed Choruses
Schoenberg, Arnold - Chamber Symphony 2 op. 38
Schoenberg, Arnold - Chorale Preludes by J. S. Bach BWV 654 and BWV 667, orchestrated by A. Schoenberg (1922)
Schoenberg, Arnold - Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra in B flat
Schoenberg, Arnold - Concerto in D major for Cello and Orchestra
Schoenberg, Arnold - Orchestral transcription of the quartet by Johannes Brahms (1921/23)
Schoenberg, Arnold - Parts of Works
Schoenberg, Arnold - Prelude and Fugue in E Flat Major for Organ by J. S. Bach BWV 552 arranged for large orchestra by A. Schoenberg (1928)
Schoenberg, Arnold - Prelude for Orchestra op. 44
Schoenberg, Arnold - Psalm 130 `De profundis` for mixed choir (1949-1950) op. 50b
Schoenberg, Arnold - Suite in G for String Orchestra (1934)
Schoenberg, Arnold - Variations for Orchestra op. 31
Schoenberg, Arnold - Wind Quintet (1924) op. 26
Schoenberg, Arnold - `A Survivor from Warsaw` (1947) op. 46
Schoenberg, Arnold - `Die glückliche Hand` drama with music (1913) op. 18
Schoenberg, Arnold - `Dreimal tausend Jahre` for mixed choir, (1949) op. 50a
Stravinsky, Igor - Apollo [Musagetes], a ballet in two scenes for string orchestra (1928)
Stravinsky, Igor - Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (1929)
Stravinsky, Igor - Double Canon Raoul Dufy memory for string quartet (1959)
Stravinsky, Igor - Orpheus, ballet in three scenes (1945-48)
Stravinsky, Igor - Scherzo a la russe to symphonic jazz orchestra (1944)
Stravinsky, Igor - The Owl and the Pussy Cat for soprano and piano. 1966
Stravinsky, Igor - The Rite of Spring`s, ballet (1913)
Stravinsky, Igor - Three Japanese Lyrics
Stravinsky, Igor - Three Stories for children
Stravinsky, Igor - Variations in memory of Aldous Huxley for Orchestra (1964)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Abraham and Isaac`, a sacred ballad for a high baritone and chamber orchestra, the Hebrew text of the Old Testament (1963)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Agon` (`Contest`), ballet for 12 dancers in three parts (1957)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Petrouchka`, funny scenes in the 4 paintings by Igor Stravinsky and Alexander Benois, ballet (1911)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Requiem Canticles` for contralto and baritone solo, chorus and orchestra (1966)
Stravinsky, Igor - `The Flood `, the biblical opera for soloists, actors, narrator and orchestra (1961-62)
Webern, Anton von - Bach-Webern. Musical Offering - Fuga (Ricercata)-A 6 Voci
Webern, Anton von - Cantata 2 op. 31
Webern, Anton von - Five Pieces for Orchestra (1911) op. 10
Webern, Anton von - Five Pieces for String Quartet (1909) op. 5
Webern, Anton von - Passacaglia for Orchestra (1908) op. 1
Webern, Anton von - Symphony (19271928) op. 21
Webern, Anton von - Variations for Orchestra op. 30
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