Ruzanna & Karina Lisitsian

Bodenschatz, Erhard - About Passions, bitsinium
Brahms, Johannes - Neue Lieberlieder- 15 Walzer fuer vier Singstimmen und Klavier zu vier Haenden Op. 65
Brahms, Johannes - `Liebeslieder` - 18 Waltzes for 4 soloists and piano 4 hands (1869) Op. 52
Bulahov, Petr - I have not forgotten you over the years
Bulahov, Petr - No, I don`t love you
Bulahov, Petr - Not for nothing I was afraid of meeting
Bulahov, Petr - Not for nothing I was afraid of meeting
Bulahov, Petr - Your silky curls
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Ballads, songs
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - I`m sad, romance, poem by M. Lermontov
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Night Zephyr, poem by A. Pushkin
Dowland, John - Away with these self-loving lads
Dowland, John - Come again sweet love doth now invite
Dowland, John - Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (1603)
Dowland, John - White as lilies was her face (1600)
Gavrilin, Valeriy - Evening, vocal cycle (1963-65)
Gurilev, Alexander - Age the young, pretty (A. Guriljev - N. Konshin).
Gurilev, Alexander - And boring, and sad (A. Guriljev - M. Lermontov).
Gurilev, Alexander - Inner Music (A. Guriljev - N. Ogarev).
Gurilev, Alexander - Joy-darling (A. Guriljev).
Gurilev, Alexander - Monotonous booming bell (A. Guriljev - Makarov).
Gurilev, Alexander - You won"t understand my sadness (A. Guriljev - A. Beshentsev).
Kuss, Margarita - Green cherry
Kuss, Margarita - Moon lit high
Kuss, Margarita - Near our gate
Manukian, Irina - Chamber cantata for soprano, mezzo-soprano, two pianos, and percussion, op.12 12
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Requiem in d-moll (1791) KV626
Varlamov, Alexander - Hilltops (A. Varlamov - M. Lermontov).
Varlamov, Alexander - Why do you too early, grass, (A. Varlamov - N. Ciganov)
Varlamov, Alexander - You`re my darling (Varlamov - AM).
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