Maarten Koningsberger

Purcell, Henry - Arias
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `The Rival Sisters or The Violence of Love` (1695) Z 609 Z 609
Purcell, Henry - Oedipus Z 583
Purcell, Henry - She loves and she confesses too (1683) Z 413
Purcell, Henry - Song If Music Be the Food of Love Z 379a
Purcell, Henry - Song n`A thousand sev`ral ways I tried` (1684) Z 359
Purcell, Henry - Song `Ah! how pleasant `tis to love` (1688) Z 353
Purcell, Henry - Song `Amidst the shades and cool refreshing streams` (1687) Z 355
Purcell, Henry - Song `Hears not my Phyllis` (1695) Z 371
Purcell, Henry - Song `I lov`d fair Celia` (1694) Z 381
Purcell, Henry - Song `I resolve against cringing` (1679) Z 386
Purcell, Henry - Song `I take no pleasure in the sun`s bright beams` (1681) Z 388
Purcell, Henry - Song `In vain we dissemble` (1685) Z 385
Purcell, Henry - Song `My heart, wherever you appear` (1685) Z 399
Purcell, Henry - Song `Not all my torments can your pity move` Z 400 Z 400
Purcell, Henry - Song `O! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes` Z 402
Purcell, Henry - Song `On the brow of Richmond Hill` (1692) Z 405
Purcell, Henry - Song `Rashly I swore I would disown` (1683) Z 411
Purcell, Henry - Song `The fatal hour comes on apace` Z 421
Purcell, Henry - Song `When my Aemelia smiles` Z 434
Purcell, Henry - Song `Who can behold Florella`s charms?` (1695) Z 441 Z 441
Purcell, Henry - The History of King Richard the Second or The Sicilian Usurper (1681) Z 581
Purcell, Henry - The Married Beau or The Curious Impertinent (1694) Z 603
Purcell, Henry - What a sad fate is mine Z 428
Schubert, Franz - Beitrag zur fünfzigjährigen Jubelfeier des Herrn Salieri`: 1)`Gütigster, Bester! Weisester, Größter!` (Quartet) (1816) D 407
Schubert, Franz - Song Die Wallfahrt D 778a (1823?) D 778a
Schubert, Franz - Song `Am Flusse` (Verfließet, vielgeliebte Lieder), 2nd version D 766
Schubert, Franz - Song `An die Entfernte` (So hab ich wirklich dich verloren) D 765
Schubert, Franz - Song `Der Wachtelschlag` (Ach! mir schallt`s dorten) (Op.68) D 742
Schubert, Franz - Song `Der zürnende Barde` (Wer wagt s, wer wagt`s) D 785
Schubert, Franz - Song `Die Befreier Europas in Paris` D 104
Schubert, Franz - Song `Die Liebe hat gelogen` (Op.23/1) D 751
Schubert, Franz - Song `Du liebst mich nicht` (Mein Herz ist zerrissen) (Op.59/1) D 756
Schubert, Franz - Song `Ihr Grab` (Dort ist ihr Grab) D 736
Schubert, Franz - Song `Schatzgrabers Begehr` (In tiefer Erde) (2 versions) (Op.23/4) D 761
Schubert, Franz - Song `Sei mir gegrüßt `(O du entrinne mir ) (Op.20/1) D 741
Schubert, Franz - Song `Selige Welt` (Ich treibe auf des Lebens Meer) (Op.23/2) D 743
Schubert, Franz - Song `Todesmusik` (In des Todes Feierstunde) (Op.108/2) D 758
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