Werner Andreas Albert

Bellini, Vincenzo - Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in Es-dur
Bischoff, Hermann - Symphony No. 2 in D Minor (1912)
Boehe, Ernst Boehe - From Odysseus` journeys, symphonic poem, Op.6 (1901-04)
Boehe, Ernst Boehe - Symphonischer Epilog zu einer Tragödie, Op.11
Boehe, Ernst Boehe - Taormina, symphonic poem
Boehe, Ernst Boehe - Tragic Overture in d-moll, Op.10
Bruch, Max - Serenade on Swedish music op. posth
Bruch, Max - Suite on Russian folk tunes op. 79b
Bruch, Max - Swedish Dances op. 63
Frankel, Benjamin - Symphony No. 2 (Op. 38)
Frankel, Benjamin - Symphony No. 3 (Op. 40)
Hindemith, Paul - Cello Concerto in Es-dur, 1916 op. 3
Hindemith, Paul - Concerto for Orchestra (1925) op. 38
Hindemith, Paul - Der Dämon Tanz-Pantomime in 2 scenes by Max Krell (1922) op. 28
Hindemith, Paul - Konzertmusik for Strings and Brass (Boston Symphony) (1930) op. 50
Hindemith, Paul - Lustige Sinfonietta for small orchestra (1916)
Hindemith, Paul - Marsch Uber den alten `Schweizerton` (1960)
Hindemith, Paul - Orchestral rechitatsiya of Herodias
Hindemith, Paul - Organ Concerto, 1962
Hindemith, Paul - Overture to the ballet `Cupid and Psyche` (1943)
Hindemith, Paul - Overture to `Neues vom Tage` (1930)
Hindemith, Paul - Philharmonic Concert (Variations for Orchestra, 1932)
Hindemith, Paul - Pittsburgh Symphony (1958)
Hindemith, Paul - Ragtime (wohltemperiert) on a theme of J.S.Bach (1921)
Hindemith, Paul - Requiem For those we love (1946)
Hindemith, Paul - Sinfonia serena for orchestra (1946)
Hindemith, Paul - Sinfonietta in E
Hindemith, Paul - Suite for symphonic orchestra Nobilissima Visione (1938)
Hindemith, Paul - Symphonic Dances (1937)
Hindemith, Paul - Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by C. M. von Weber (1943)
Hindemith, Paul - Symphony Die Harmonie der Welt (1951)
Hindemith, Paul - Symphony for Wind Orchestra (1951)
Hindemith, Paul - Symphony in Es-dur
Hindemith, Paul - Symphony Mathis der Maler (1934)
Hindemith, Paul - `Nusch - Nuschi`, a one-act comic opera for Burmese puppets (1920) op. 20
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk - Adagio and Variations in F-dur for Oboe and Orchestra op.102
Kalivoda, Jan Václav - Concertino for Oboe and Orchestra in F-dur, op.110
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Piano Concerto for the left hand, op.17 (1923) op.17
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Suite `Much Ado About Nothing` op.11
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Symphonic Overture `Sursum corda` (1919) op.13
Molique, Bernhard - Concertino for oboe and chamber orchestra in g-moll
Raff, Joachim - Symphony No. 8 in A-dur `Frühlingsklange` (1876) op.205
Raff, Joachim - Symphony No. 9 e-moll `Im Sommer` (1878) op.208
Raff, Joachim - Symphony No.10 in f-moll `Zur Herbstzeit` op.213
Raff, Joachim - Symphony No.11 a-moll `Der Winter` op.214
Rietz, Julius - Konzertctuck in f-moll op.33 for oboe and orchestra
Sherwood, Gordon - Sinfonietta, Op. 101
Sherwood, Gordon - Symphony No. 1, Op. 3
Wagner, Siegfried - Concertino for Flute and small orchestra (1913)
Wagner, Siegfried - Lime Holy, the opera (1927)
Wagner, Siegfried - Symphonic Poem `Melancholy` (1894)
Wagner, Siegfried - Symphony in C-dur (1925, 1927)
Wagner, Siegfried - The Tale of a Big Fat Pancake for voice and orchestra (1913)
Wagner, Siegfried - Violin Concerto (1915)
Wetz, Richard - Gesang des Lebens op.29
Wetz, Richard - Hyperion op.32
Wetz, Richard - Kleist Overture op.16
Wetz, Richard - Symphony No.2 op.47
Wetz, Richard - Symphony No.3 in B-dur op.48
Wetz, Richard - Traumsommernacht op.14
Wetz, Richard - Violin Concerto in h-moll, op. 57
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