Mischa Elman

-d`Ambrosio, Alfredo - Canzonetta N 1 in G minor (1898) . 6
-Hollman-, Joseph - Chanson d`amour
-Marie, Jean Gabriel Prosper - 2 Pieces for Cello and Piano
-Ravina, Jean-Henri - Waltz-Staccato
Achron, Joseph - Hebrew Melody for violin and piano (1911) op. 33
Albeniz, Isaac - Parts of Works
Anonymous, - Eili, eili
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Parts of compositions
Beethoven, Ludwig van - 12 contredanses for orchestra WoO 14
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra D-dur (1806) op. 61
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Music to Kotzebue`s play the `Ruins of Athens` (1811) op.113
Braga, Gaetano - Angel`s Serenade
Brahms, Johannes - Hungarian Dance No.17 in F-sharp minor WoO 1/17
Bruch, Max - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in G minor op. 26
Bruch, Max - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.2 in d-moll op. 44
Bruch, Max - `Kol Nidrei`, variations for Cello and Orchestra op. 47
Chopin, Frederic - 2 Nocturnes Op. 27
Chopin, Frederic - Parts of Cycles
Delibes, Léo - Le roi samuse, six airs de danse dans le style ancien, dances, 1882 (piano arrangement 1882)
Denza, Luigi - If You Understand Me (`Si vous l`aviez compris`)
Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von - Parts of Works
Drdla, Franz - Serenade No. 1 in A major
Drdla, Franz - `Souvenir` (Remembrance) in D major
Drigo, Riccardo - Parts of Works
Espejo, Cesar - Gypsy Songs, op. 11
Gounod, Charles - Ave Maria
Grieg, Edvard - Parts of compositions
Haydn, Joseph - Parts of Works
Herbert, Viktor - A la Valse
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk - Waltz in A-dur
Joseph-Ascher, Joseph Ascher - Alice, where art thou?
Kahn, Percy - Ave Maria
Kopylov, Alexander - o slumberland
Kreisler, Fritz - (Dvořák) Humoresque (. 101, 7, 1906)
Lalo, Edouard - Parts of Works
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero - Serenade
Massenet, Jules - Elegy (J. Massenet - L. Halle)
Massenet, Jules - Meditation
Mendelssohn, Felix - Parts
Millocker, Karl Joseph - Parts of Works
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for violin and orchestra No.4 D-dur (1775) KV218
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for violin and orchestra No.5 in A-dur (1775) KV219
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Parts and Fragments of Works
Popper, David - Once in fairer Days (In memory of my parents) op.64/1
Rabey, René - Tes yeux!
Raff, Joachim - Six Morceaux for Violin and Piano op. 85
Ries, Franz - Suite No.III in G major, for Violin and Piano, Op.34 (publ. 1898) . 34
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Parts of operas
Rissland-, Karl - Valse-Caprice
Rode, Pierre - Etude-Caprice
Rubinstein, Anton - Parts of Works
Rubinstein, Anton - Romance in Es-dur for piano op. 44
Saenger-, Gustav - Scots Pastorale
Sarasate, Pablo de - Caprice Basque op. 24
Sarasate, Pablo de - Gypsy Melodies op. 20
Schindler, Kurt - Souvenir poetique, for Violin and Piano
Schubert, Franz - Ellens Song III (`Ave Maria`) from cycle `Das Fräulein vom See` op.52 6 D 839
Schubert, Franz - Parts of compositions
Schumann, Robert - Parts of the compositions
Sibelius, Jean - Valse triste op. 44 1
Stevenson, John Andrew - Last Rose of Summer
Sulzer, Salomon - Sarabande, Op. 8
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-dur (1878) Op. 35
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Melancholic Serenade for Violin and Orchestra b-moll (1875) Op. 26
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Parts of Compositions
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Six Romances (1869), No.6: `None but the Lonely Heart` (Lev Mey translation Johann Goethe) Op. 6/6
Thomé, Francis - Simple aveu O. 25 (1877)
Vitali, Tomaso Antonio - Chaconne g-moll
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for violin, strings and basso continuo Op.12 1 in g-moll RV317 (op.12)
Wagner, Richard - Album Page
Wieniawski, Henryk - Fantasy on Russian Themes `Souvenir de Moscou` op. 6
Wieniawski, Henryk - Légende for Violin and Piano op.17
Wieniawski, Henryk - Parts of Works
Wieniawski, Henryk - Violin Concerto No.2 in d-moll (1862) op.22
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