Mikhail Arkadiev
Mikhail Arkadiev (conductor)

Arkadev, Mikhail - A conversation with Michael Arkadyev about Glenn Gould`s work
Arkadev, Mikhail - Art of pianist-accompanist
Arkadev, Mikhail - Cycle of Elegies for Piano
Arkadev, Mikhail - Elegie and Hymnus for cello, piano and tromba (out of stage)
Arkadev, Mikhail - Musical time and the science of the 20th century
Arkadev, Mikhail - Musical Workshop of Michael Arkadiev. Bach 1
Arkadev, Mikhail - Musical Workshop of Michael Arkadiev. Bach 2
Arkadev, Mikhail - Sonata brevis (1975) op. 1
Arkadev, Mikhail - The theory of musical rhythm, time and creativity 1
Arkadev, Mikhail - The theory of musical rhythm, time and creativity 2
Arkadev, Mikhail - Universal Principles of pianism
Arkadev, Mikhail - Eine kleine Zaubermusik op. 3
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Concerto for two keyboards and strings -moll BWV 1060
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Keyboard Concerto No.1 in d-moll (1738?) BWV 1052
Chopin, Frederic - Nocturne 20 in sharp minor Op. posth
Chopin, Frederic - Parts of compositions
Films-about-musicians, - Mikhail Arkadiev
Genin, Vladimir - Ein Mal und nichtmehr
Genin, Vladimir - Eternal Light, vocal cycle, poems by I. Bunin
Liszt, Franz - Piano Sonata in h-moll (1852-53) S.178
Liszt, Franz - `Totentanz`. Paraphrase on the `Dies Irae` for piano and orchestra S.126
Master-classes, - Mikhail Arkadiev`s Master-Classes
Mendelssohn, Felix - Songs Without Words, Notebook VIII (1842-1845) op.102
Mussorgsky, Modest - Pictures at an Exhibition, for piano
Part, Arvo - Fur Alina
Part, Arvo - `The recovery Irina mine`, for piano (1977)
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Variations on a Theme of Corelli for piano. Dedicated to F. Kreisler. 1931. Op.42
Rubin, Vladimir - Album of Alice, opera-madrigal for soprano and chamber orchestra
Rubin, Vladimir - Night Visions, monoopera based on poetry of Denis Davydov
Sabaneev, Leonid - Sketch Op. 14 No. 5
Schoenberg, Arnold - Sechs Kleine Klavierstuecke (1911) op. 19
Schubert, Franz - Fantasia `Wanderer-Fantasie` C-dur, Op.15 D 760
Sviridov, Georgiy - `Russia turned its back`, a song cycle on poems by C. Esenina (1982)
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - 6 romances (1884): 2 Op. 57/2
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - 7 romances (1880): 5 Op. 47/5
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - 7 romances (1880): 6 Op. 47/6
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Six Romances (1878): No. 2 It was in Early Spring (A. K. Tolstoy) Op. 38/2
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Six Romances (1878): No. 5 Dead Man`s Love (M. Lermontov) Op. 38/5
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Six Songs, poems by D. Rathaus (1893): 1 We were with you Op. 73/1
Tchaikovsky, Boris - Sonata fot Two Pianos (1972)
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