David Geringas

Beethoven, Ludwig van - Concerto for piano, violin and cello C-dur `Triple` (1803-04) op. 56
Brahms, Johannes - Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra in a-moll Op.102
Brahms, Johannes - Fuenf Lieder, op. 105 Op.105
Brahms, Johannes - Fuenf Lieder, op. 94 Op. 94
Brahms, Johannes - Sechs Lieder, op. 86 Op. 86
Davydov, Karl - 4 Pieces for Cello and Piano (1870) op.20
Davydov, Karl - Ballade op.25
Dvorak, Antonin - Cello Concerto in h-moll (1895) op.104
Elgar, Edward - Concerto for cello and orchestra op. 85
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Hommage a T. S. Eliot, for soprano and octet of instruments (1984)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - In Croce
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Ten Preludes for cello solo
Gubaidulina, Sofia - The Festival is in Full Swing, for cello and orchestra (1993)
Hindemith, Paul - Cello Concerto in Es-dur, 1916 op. 3
Krenek, Ernst - Capriccio for Cello and Chamber Orchestra op.145
Krenek, Ernst - Cello Concerto 2 op.236
Krenek, Ernst - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 1 op.133
Krenek, Ernst - Dyophonie for Two Cellos op.241
Krenek, Ernst - Suite for Cello solo op. 84
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Serenade for Cello and Orchestra op. 37
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Flight of the Bumblebee`
Roytman, Evgeny - Puppenmeister, for two Cellos
Schnittke, Alfred - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 1 (1985-86) op.193
Schnittke, Alfred - Epilogue from the ballet "Peer Gynt" for cello, piano and tape recording (1993) op.194B
Schnittke, Alfred - Sonata 1 for Cello and Piano (1978) op.129
Schnittke, Alfred - Sonata 2 for Cello and Piano (1994) op.246
Schnittke, Alfred - `Musica Nostalgica` for cello and piano (1992) op.228
Schoenberg, Arnold - Concerto in D major for Cello and Orchestra
Sumera, Lepo - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1998/99)
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