Howard Griffiths

Albinoni, Tommazo - Adagio in g-moll
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in a-moll (1729?) BWV 1041
Cherubini, Luigi - Ouvertures
Cherubini, Luigi - Symphony D-dur
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in B-dur P 222
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in C-dur P 221
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in D-dur P 218
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in D-dur P 223
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in d-moll P 220
Danzi, Franz - Symphony in Es-dur P 219
Eichner, Ernst - Oboe (Flute) Concerto in C-dur
Finzi, Gerald - A Severn Rhapsody Op. 3
Finzi, Gerald - Grand Fantasia and Toccata in d-moll for Piano and Orchestra op.38
Holbrooke, Josef - Violin Concerto `The Grasshopper` (Violin Sonata 2) .59
Holst, Gustav Theodore - Lyric Movement, for viola and little orchestra. 1933 H191
Holst, Gustav Theodore - Night Song, for violin and orchestra. 1905 op.19/1
Holzbauer, Ignaz Jacob - Concerto for Oboe and Strings in d-moll
Jadassohn, Salomon - Cavatine for cello and orchestra (1894) op.120
Jadassohn, Salomon - Cavatine for violin and orchestra op. 69
Jadassohn, Salomon - Symphony No.1 in C-dur (1861) op. 24
Jadassohn, Salomon - Symphony No.2 in A-dur (1865) op. 28
Jadassohn, Salomon - Symphony No.3 in D-dur (1876) op. 50
Jadassohn, Salomon - Symphony No.4 in c-moll (1889) op.101
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.1 in F-dur op. 12
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.2 in D-dur op. 40
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.3 in D-dur op. 62
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.4 in c-moll op.102
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.5 in Es-dur op.105
Krommer, Franz - Symphony No.7 in g-moll
Mahler, Gustav - Symphony 4 G-dur
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for horn and orchestra No.1 D-dur (1782/1791) KV412+514 (386b)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Serenade No. 6 in D-dur `Serenata notturna` (1776) KV239
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 13 F-dur (1771) KV112
Pleyel, Ignaz Josef - Sinfonia Concertante F-dur for Piano, Violin and Orchestra Ben 115
Pleyel, Ignaz Josef - Symphonie Périodique No.6 in F major, B 140 Ben140
Pleyel, Ignaz Josef - Symphony in D major op.3 No.1 / Ben126
Respighi, Ottorino - Fantasia Slava for Piano and Orchestra (1903)
Respighi, Ottorino - Mixolydian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Concerto Misolidio, 1925)
Respighi, Ottorino - Piano Concerto in a-moll (1902)
Respighi, Ottorino - Toccata for Piano and Orchestra in D minor
Ries, Ferdinand - Overture `Don Carlos` op. 94
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphomy No.4 in in F-dur (1818) op.110
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.1 in D-dur (1809) op. 23
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.2 in c-moll (1814) op. 80
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.3 in Es-dur (1816) op. 90
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.5 in d-moll (1813) op.112
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.6 D-dur op.146
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.7 in a-moll (1835) op.181
Ries, Ferdinand - Symphony No.8 Es-dur WoO 30
Say, Fazil - Symphony No. 1` Istanbul` op.28 (2009)
Sibelius, Jean - Romance in C major for String Orchestra op. 42
Spohr, Ludwig - Overture `Der Zweikampf mit der Geliebten` (1810) WoO 50
Spohr, Ludwig - Symphony No. 1 in Es-dur op. 20
Spohr, Ludwig - Symphony No. 6 in G-dur `Historische` op.116
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for lute, 2 violins and basso continuo in D-dur RV 93
Vivaldi, Antonio - Trio sonata for violin, lute and basso continuo in C-dur RV 82
Winter, Peter von - Oboe Concerto No.2 in F-dur
Wranitzky, Paul - Grande sinfonie caractéristique pour la paix avec la République française in c-moll op.31
Wranitzky, Paul - Symphony in D-dur op.52
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