David Willcocks

Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Jesu mein Freude` BWV 227
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oratoirio Matthäus-Passion (1736) BWV 244
Byrd, William - Mass for five voices
Byrd, William - Mass for Four Voices
Byrd, William - Mass for Three Voices
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Messe de minuit pour noel (1690) H. 9
Faure, Gabriel - Messe de Requiem op. 48
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Angelus ad Pastores ait
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Buccinate in Neomenia tuba
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Canzona septimi toni
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Hodie Christus natus est
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Hodie completi sunt
Gabrieli, Giovanni - O Domine Jesu Christe
Gabrieli, Giovanni - O Magnum Mysterium
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Omnes gentes, plaudite manibus
Gibbons, Orlando - Hosanna to the son of David
Handel, George Frideric - Coronation Anthem I `Zadok the priest` HWV 258
Handel, George Frideric - Coronation Anthem II `Let thy hand be strengthened` HWV 259
Handel, George Frideric - Coronation Anthem III `The King shall rejoice` HWV 260
Handel, George Frideric - Coronation Anthem IV `My heart is inditing` HWV 261
Handel, George Frideric - Psalm `Dixit Dominus` for soloists, choir and orchestra g-moll HWV 232
Haydn, Joseph - Mass `Missa in Angustijs` (`Nelsonmesse`) Hob XXII: 11
Holst, Gustav Theodore - Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda op.26
Holst, Gustav Theodore - Hymn to Dionysus for female choir and orchestra (1913) op.31/2
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Tu es Petrus
Tallis, Thomas - Derelinquit impius
Tallis, Thomas - Ecce tempus idoneum
Tallis, Thomas - In ieiunio et fletu
Tallis, Thomas - In manus tuas
Tallis, Thomas - Lamentations (first set)
Tallis, Thomas - Lamentations of Jeremiah (II) for five voices
Tallis, Thomas - O nata lux de lumine
Tallis, Thomas - Salvator mundi
Tallis, Thomas - Sancte Deus
Tallis, Thomas - Spem in alium
Tallis, Thomas - Te Lucis Ante Terminum
Tallis, Thomas - Veni Redemptor Genitum
Tallis, Thomas - Videte miraculum
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - And all in the morning (trad. Eng. harm. RVW)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Benedicite, for soprano, choir and orchestra (1929)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Epithalamion (Edmund Spenser) for baritone, chorus, piano, solo flute and string orchestra
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Hodie, Christmas cantata for soloists, choir and orchestra, 1954
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Joseph and Mary (trad. Eng. arr. RVW)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Mass in g-moll for unaccompanied choir (1922)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Motet `O clap your hands`
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - O little town of Bethlehem (Forest Green)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Oxford Elegy for Narrator, Chorus and Orchestra (1949)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Sancta Civitas, oratorio,1923-1925
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Suite Portraits of the Tudors for soloists, chorus and orchestra
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Whitsunday Hymn (Three Choral Hymns) (1929)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Yorkshire Wassall Song (We`ve been awhile awandering)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - `Five variants of Dives and Lazarus` for orchestra (1939)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - `Flos Campi` for viola, chorus and orchestra
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - `The Truth from Above` (trad. Eng. harm. RVW)
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D-dur RV589
Walton, William - Oratorio `Belshazzar`s Feast` (1931)
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