Boris Marechkin

Anonymous, - Mandolinetta
Arapov, Boris - `Four Seasons`, a song cycle on the Japanese three-line poems - haiku, according to K. Issa, translated V. Markova
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Song cycle `An die ferne Geliebte` (1815-16) op. 98
Bixio, Cesare Andrea - Palami d`amore Mariu
Cui, Cézar - 25 Poems by Pushkin op. 57
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Romance `A girl and a boy`
Glinka, Mikhail - I Remember a Wonderful Moment (1840)
Glinka, Mikhail - In the blood burning fire of desire, poem by A. Pushkin
Haydn, Joseph - Sailor`s Song Hob XXVIa: 31
Jivotov, Aleksei - Three Romances
Kohler, Siegfried - Of Love and Death
Korchmar, Grigory - Songs of Grief and Consolation
Mignone, Francisco - Finestrella D`oro
Mussorgsky, Modest - Song `Star, where are you?` (1857/1858/1863-66)
Rachmaninov, Sergei - 15 Romances (1906): 15 `It takes all` (Ratgauz) op.26, 15
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Six poems. Dedicated to NP Kosice. 1916. Op.38
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Ballads, songs
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Songs op. 43
Salmanov, Vadim - Four Romances, poems by S. Esenin
Salmanov, Vadim - Minutes of Music, poems by N. Rubtsov
Salmanov, Vadim - Of Shelley, Vocal Cycle
Salmanov, Vadim - Seven Romances, poems by F. Tiutchev
Salmanov, Vadim - Two Romances
Sapozhnikov, Vladimir - Five Romances, poems by A. Pushkin
Sapozhnikov, Vladimir - Little Paper Crane, vocal cycle
Schubert, Franz - Song `Erlkönig`, op. 1, by Goethe D 328
Schumann, Robert - `Dichterliebe`. Lieder zyklus on poems of Heinrich Heine for voice and piano Op. 48
Shchedrin, Rodion - Three sol-fa for voice and piano (1965)
Sviridov, Georgiy - `My father is a peasant,` a song cycle on poems by C. Esenin for tenor, baritone and piano (1956)
Sviridov, Georgiy - `Wooden Russia`, cantata on verses by C. Esenina for tenor, chorus and chamber orchestra
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Seven Romances (1880) Op. 47
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