Mariana Skripa

Almashi, Zoltan - Domn, domn, sa Naltam, for Violin & Cello
Almashi, Zoltan - Duo for two violins No. 1. 2007
Almashi, Zoltan - Elegy (version for string quartet)
Almashi, Zoltan - Green Sonata for Violin Solo
Almashi, Zoltan - Introduction to the nonexistent song, for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - Little Christmas Suite for Violin and Cello
Almashi, Zoltan - Mirasteilas for two violins and strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Prolongation of Life, septet, 2003
Almashi, Zoltan - Quintet for 3 violins, double bass and piano (1999)
Almashi, Zoltan - Silver, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Almashi, Zoltan - Song of Flowering for Violin and Cello
Almashi, Zoltan - String Quartet No. 1
Almashi, Zoltan - String Quartet No. 3
Almashi, Zoltan - The Seasons (2011) for violin and chamber orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - `Chamber Cantata` for Violin and string orchestra (2015)
Almashi, Zoltan - `Zebje` for musical instruments, the soundtrack to sound a frog and the video
Anonymous, - Lullaby (Ukrainian folk song from the collection of Nina Matvienko)
Anonymous, - Romanian folk instrumental music
Anonymous, - Romanian folk instrumental music, the sample 2
Anonymous, - Romanian folk instrumental music, the sample 3
Anonymous, - `Duet` for Violin and Cello (the end of XX century)
Arefiev, Dmitriy - Impromptu for clarinet and cello
Arefiev, Dmitriy - `La temps que reste` for piano trio
Chikhachev, Eugene - `Duet Of Consent` for violin and cello
Chyrzynski, Marcel - Reflektion 1 for string quartet
Concerts, - Concerts of Zoltan Almashi
Fomin, Andrey - SOS for two violins
Halvorsen, Johan - Variations on a Theme of Passacaglia by Handel
Haydn, Joseph - Seven Last Words of Christ Hob XX: 1b
Kiva, Oleg - String Quartet
Krivopust, Bogdan - Paporoti Flower for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Levkovich, Alexander - Autumn Moods, for Two Violins, Cello and Piano
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Ukrainian Quintet op.42
Poleva, Victoria - Silvanus` Psalm for Voice and Cello at the structure in A
Poleva, Victoria - The Gulf Stream, a Version for Violin and Cello
Popov, Andrey - Equinoxes and solstices, for two violins and cello (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - Horcruxes for Violin and Cello (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - Strawberry Sonata for Violin and Piano (2014)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Piano Quintet. 1961
Silvestrov, Valentin - `Moments of Mozart`, six pieces for violin, cello and piano
Stankovych, Yevhen - Dictum II for Piano and Strings
Stankovych, Yevhen - Na Verkhovine fo Violin and Piano
Stankovych, Yevhen - Two Pieces for Violin and Cello
Verbytsky, Mykhaylo - Anthem of Ukraine (transcription of Boris Sevastianov)
Zagaykevych, Alla - Cantos: Island for Violin, Viola, Cello and Strings
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